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Summer is our favorite time of the year. The time of the generous Crimean sun and the hospitable sea, juicy fruits and excursions to the most picturesque places. And this is also the time of various festivals and themed events that will undoubtedly add emotions to your summer vacation. Take note! So, in Crimea, you definitely need to become part of the significant summer events.

Opening of the beach season in Simeïz

When: June 4

Where: Yalta municipality, Simeïz

In honor of the event, a full-on program is being prepared on the town beach. Guests will be entertained by animators and stilt walkers. They will also have a fire show and a concert. Events will begin at 07:00 p.m. with the grand opening of the beach. And will end at 10:00 p.m. with spectacular fireworks. One of the key events of the holiday will be the opening of the Crimean producers street market. This will be the first night market in Crimea, which will present the products of local artisans and farmers. Anyone can buy there souvenirs, cheeses, confectionery and much more. The market will be open from 05:00 p.m. till 00:00.

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'Sevastopol in Summer' Art project

When:  from June 4

Where:  Sevastopol

This summer, the art project will include 13 sites in Sevastopol − all in the open air. Every Saturday, starting from June 4, residents and guests of the city will see all kinds of events at those locations:  concerts, master classes, exhibitions, cartoons and films. A list of all sites can be found here. You can also find the schedule of their work in June.

'The Great Russian Word' International Festival

When:  June 6-12

Where:  Yalta

The festival, aimed at the development of Russian culture, traditionally starts on the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, and ends on the Day of Russia. A number of festive events are to take place on these days in Crimea, primarily − in Yalta. The culmination of the festival is a gala concert, which includes theatrical and musical performances. As a rule, it is arranged in the Yubileiniy concert hall. An entertainment program is also organized on the Yalta promenade. A little later we will publish a detailed poster:  stay tuned for updates on our portal.

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Events on the Little Jerusalem tourist route, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of this project

When:  June 9-12

Where:  Eupatoria

The route, which covers the historical part of Eupatoria, allows you to see religious places of different faiths in a few hours. The atmosphere is added by the ethnic design of the quarter with winding narrow streets and low buildings. The oldest of the buildings in the Little Jerusalem date back to the 16th century:  this is the Juma-Jami mosque, medieval Turkish baths, as well as tekiye of dervishes − inn for wandering Sufi monks. Among the festive events there will be a concert, free tours, master classes, promotions in an ethno cafe. We will tell you more about the program a little later.

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'Bosporan Agons' − International Festival of ancient cultural heritage

When:  June 9-16

Where:  Kerch

Bosporan Agons is the only festival of ancient art in all the post-Soviet states. The program includes performances, master classes, the work of the Emporium − interactive Greek estate, competitions within the framework of the Small Olympic Games, literary, musical and film pages. The grand opening ceremony of the festival on Mount Mithridates is expected to be unusual:  with the help of modern stage technologies, 3D images, vocal and choreographic compositions, the authors will cover the whole range of times − from the appearance of life on planet Earth to the foundation of Panticapaeum, through the centuries of its history to the present day. The schedule for the day can be found here.

'Rocks of Crimea' − All-Russian climbing Festival

When:  June 11-13

Where:  Bakhchisaray district, Bashtanovka village

On the rocks in the vicinity of Bashtanovka, about 140 routes of various levels of difficulty have been prepared, including seven that have been prepared for professional climbers only. This year, 13 athletes from different regions of Russia will compete there. They will compete for a prize fund of 700 thousand rubles. The rest of the tracks are designed for amateurs. To compete on them you need to register online.

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'Gryphon' − historical multimedia show

When:  June 11 to July 23, every Saturday  

Where:  Sevastopol, Chersonesos

On June 11, the fourth season of the triumphal Gryphon performance starts at the Tauric Chersonesos Museum and Preserve, which will allow you to travel back in time and learn about important events in the history of the ancient city. The performance, which takes place in the open air, involves large multimedia scenery, more than 300 light and sound effects, combined mechanical puppets, colorful costumes, multi-meter high inflatable structures, etc. More than 100 actors, stuntmen and ballet soloists participate in the project. You can view the schedule of shows and purchase tickets for the event on the website.

'Genoese Helmet' − International Knights’ Festival

When:  July-August

Where:  Sudak

It will traditionally take place on the territory of the Sudak Genoese fortress. The program includes everyday tournaments and fights, folk craft fairs, competitions of blacksmiths, crossbow and cannon shooting, archery tournaments, equestrian competitions, troubadour performances and much more. Festival days are scheduled for July 1-3, as well as August 5-7, 12-14, 19-21. Events will run from morning until evening.

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«Extreme Крым». Events in the Extreme Crimea park

When:  July 12 to August 21

Where:  Chernomorskiy district, Olenevka village, Cape Tarkhankut

This summer, several impressive events are traditionally planned on the sandy beach at Cape Tarkhankut. So, on July 12-17, the 'Tarhanket Summer Jam' dance and music festival will be held there:  dance battles, master classes, lectures, concerts, parties, a music laboratory, and a cinema are waiting for guests. The Extreme Russia World Games will take place on July 18-24. The program includes competitions in parkour, workout, trampoline freestyle, BMX, slackline and other sports. On July 25-29, the 'Vote to Film' festival of short films is announced, and on July 30 − the Pirate Station festival of electronic Drum & Bass music. On August 1-7, Humor Camp will be held − a week-long camp for comedians. And on August 8-24, it will be possible to have fun at the Mayak festival of good music, which will present singers in different genres. The final event of this summer will be the final gala show. The three-day event (August 19-21) will bring together on Tarkhankut many performers who have performed there in past years. You can follow the possible changes on the Extreme Crimea website.

'Summer Evenings on Karaimskaya' Festival

When:  July-August, every Friday

Where:  Eupatoria

Traditionally, every summer the festival takes place on the Little Jerusalem popular tourist route, the main street of which turns into a real city of craftsmen: various master classes, costumed processions of giants, performances by actors of the live sculpture theater, performances by creative teams, fairs of handicrafts and much more.

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Russian Forest International Bike Show

When:  August 6-7

Where:  Sevastopol, Mount Gasfort

The full-on event will be held in Sevastopol for the 26th time. This year, the performances of such rock bands as Alisa, Kipélov, 25/17, Pilot, Sergá, Zveroboy, Mara, Mordor, Animation, Time-out, Dekabr, Kupriyánov, Yeshchó, are announced. Performances by Yulia Andreyeva and the Archipelago group, Vadim Samoilov and Vadim Stepantsov are also planned. The concert will start on August 6 at 05:00 p.m. The culmination will take place at 11:00 p.m. As before, it will become a grandiose action that will combine light, pyrotechnic, stunt, musical and literary shows.

'Tavrida. ART' Festival

When:  August 15-19

Where:  Sudak, Kapsel Bay

'Tavrida. ART' Festival will be held for the fourth time and will bring together 3.5 thousand young workers of culture, arts and creative industries from all over the country. A casting platform will be organized again to select participants for popular media projects and leading companies. In addition, vivid musical projects, a show of drones and aerial figures, a colorful art procession, a performance by a jazz orchestra, ballet stars from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters, and much more is planned. Registration of participants − until July 3 on the site. They can be young people aged 18 to 35 years. The format of participation of spectators in the festival will be determined by the organizers later (follow the updates on the website).

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