Museums, theaters, cafés, shops and shopping centers, other similar facilities in Crimea welcome visitors as usual. Public transport also functions regularly. 

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For official information about the situation in the region we recommend that you follow the website of the republican government here.

Crimea is ready to receive tourists at any time, all year round. A number of hotels and resorts have introduced promotional offers, additional discounts and loyalty programs. 

In general, active preparations for the 2022 holiday season continue in Crimea according to the plan approved at the beginning of the year, in order to ensure the most comfortable stay of guests on the peninsula.


The flights to Simferopol Airport have been temporarily suspended since February 24. Therefore, air travelers wishing to get to Crimea can use the nearest airports. For example, Sochi and Minerálniyeh Vódy. And from there by land transport across the Crimean bridge to get to the place of vacation. You can come to the peninsula both by car or in the following ways:

By train

Additional the Tavria trains were launched on the Crimean route, such as train No. 195/196 Moscow − Simferopol. It departs from the Crimean capital at 08:00 p.m. and arrives in Moscow the next day at 04:00 a.m. The train leaves the capital of Russia at 02:50 p.m. and arrives in Simferopol the next day at 08:10 p.m. The train stops in Ryazan, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Taman, Kerch, Bagerovo, Seven Wells, Vladislavovka, Dzhankoy. Travel time − 32 hours.

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The following trains continue to run daily:  No. 27/28 Moscow − Simferopol, No. 7/8 Petersburg − Sevastopol, No. 91/92 Moscow − Sevastopol, No. 173/174 Moscow − Eupatoria, No. 425/426 Kislovodsk − Simferopol, No. 75/76 Omsk − Simferopol and No. 141/142 Perm − Simferopol.

Train tickets are easily available. They can be purchased on the official website of the Grand Service Express carrier company without additional fees, as well as at the railway stations long-distance ticket offices.

By rail bus

You can get to the peninsula by local train (rail bus). This type of transport connects Kerch and Anapa. Two pairs of trains run daily between these cities:  No. 6801/6802 and No. 6809/6810 on the Kerch-South Novy Park − Anapa route, No. 6803/6804 and No. 6811/6812 on the Anapa − Kerch-South New Park route. For the period from May 1 to May 10, rail buses No. 6805/6806 Anapa-Kerch and 6807/6808 Kerch-Anapa will be added.

For the convenience of passengers, the connection train schedules are provided. For example, in Kerch you can change to a local train to Theodosia. The trip from Anapa to Kerch takes no more than two hours. Theodosia can be reached in four hours.

The local train schedule can be found here. Tickets are sold on the website of the carrier company, at railway ticket offices and in the "Come On the Road – Local Train Tickets" mobile application.

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By bus

You can also come to the peninsula across the Crimean bridge by bus. Tickets are sold at bus stations in many Russian cities, including Moscow, Krasnodar, Astrakhan, Sochi, Novorossiysk, etc.

In addition, there are regular and additional bus routes for those who want to leave Crimea. Information about the work of the Crimean bus stations is available on the Krymavtotrans website here.


It is recommended to follow up-to-date information about the work of airports, airlines, railway and bus stations on their official websites, as well as on the pages of these organizations in social networks.

In addition, we offer you a list of hotlines of departments and organizations that may be useful to tourists:

  • Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea: hotline 8 800 511 80 18, website;
  • Grand Service Express Company (for railway transportation): hotline 8 800 775 54 53, website;
  • Krymavtotrans State Unitary Enterprise (for bus transportation): hotline 8 800 600 30 82, information +7 978 835 75 57, website;
  • Simferopol International Airport: information +7 3652 595 544, website;
  • Tourism Development Center of GAU Sevastopol: phone +7 978 907 96 70, 8 (800) 301 82 38, page on VKontakte