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After talking with the guide, the Travel Portal of Crimea made a selection of popular locations for water tourism and just for relaxing to the sound of water.

Inexhaustible Jur-Jur

Dzhur-Dzhur is the most full-flowing waterfall in Crimea, which does not dry out even during dry periods. It is in the vicinity of Generalskoyeh village, Alushta municipality, in the Khapkhal gorge. Translated from Armenian means "water-water", from Iranian − "murmur".

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View of Yalta
A powerful stream of sparkling water 5 meters wide falls from a 15-meter limestone ledge into a deep pit almost vertically. The splendor of this overwhelming force of nature causes instant delight in everyone who comes there.

"From my own experience, I can say that Dzhur-Dzhur is the most visited waterfall. It never dries up. It is very pleasant to freshen up in the Khapkhal gorge in summer. And if you climb up above the waterfall, you can bathe in natural rock bowls. People often call those baths differently depending on the imagination of the guides and the vacationers themselves. It is easy to get there − a well-equipped path leads to the waterfall," Olga Vysokoglyád, a Crimean guide, told the Travel Portal.

Waterfall Dzhur-Dzhur

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Mount Ai-Petri
Very High Uchan-Su

During the melting of snow in the mountains or heavy rains, the waterfall is filled with water − and it falls from almost a hundred meters height. During such a period, it can be difficult to approach the observation point without getting wet in a cloud of pulverized water. But it's truly a enchanting sight.

Uchan-Su is the highest waterfall in Crimea.  It is on the river of the same name, at an altitude of 390 m above sea level. It is part of the Yalta mountain and forest nature reserve. When falling, the water forms two cascades:  on the second, a small building with a water intake was built with an eagle sculpture on the roof.

There is a beautiful legend associated with the waterfall. It says that once the Mountain Spirit kidnapped a beautiful girl, whom everyone in the area called Uchan ("flying"). The beauty really missed her native lands, where, at that time, the Demon of drought began to rule:  there was no water, orchards and vineyards perished. As a result, the Mountain Spirit took pity and let the girl go home, but turned her into a river so that she could help people. The Demon of drought decided to avert this good deed and put a rocky barrier in her way, but the brave Uchan threw herself down from the height as a wide stream…

Waterfall Uchan-Su

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Youth-Prolonging Su-Uchhan

The Kizil-Koba gorge near the Red Caves (three kilometers from Perevalnoyeh) is famous for its terrain and underground beauties, one of which is rightfully considered the restless Su-Uchkhan waterfall. This picturesque waterfall is formed by the underground Kizilkobinka River, which flows in the Kizil-Koba cave.

It consists of two asymmetrical cascades separated by a large rocky ledge. Two grottoes are hidden under powerful streams, where they forms two basins − in one of them water does not freeze even in winter, thanks to the heat of an underground source. Esotericists call the waterfall a "place of power", and bathing in the grottoes – in the so-called "youth baths" − is a great way to prolong not only youth, but also, in principle, life, by charging with positive energy.

"Walking tour to the Su-Uchkhan waterfall is a pleasure. The road passes through the forest, along the river of the same name. If you are going to the waterfall, it is better to go along the right side of the forest. There is a more gentle rise, and almost all the time along the water. If you go on the left bank of the river, then there is a rather steep ascent and you can only hear the river roaring somewhere below. From the waterfall you can climb higher to the Tufa glade.

There is a perfect view of the Crimean mountains," Olga Vysokoglyad noted.

Waterfall Su-Uchhan

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Amazing Ledge

This is one of the most unusual waterfalls, it is a stream of water that falls from a stone ledge, reminiscent of an entrance canopy − hence the name. A thin jet flying from 14 meters closer to the surface of the earth almost turns into water dust. Psh-sh… The path to the waterfall, which is near the village of Peredovóyeh in the Baidár Valley, goes through a quiet and shady terrain. Nearby you can have a brief picnic.

"I love the Ledge the most, it impresses not with power, but with peace. Nature tried so hard to make a stream of water fall into an almost perfectly round bowl − and circles radiating out on the water. Once we got caught in the rain with tourists, and we hid in a grotto under the waterfall. And you know, we had a feeling that time had frozen. And after the rain, everything was veiled in a mysterious fog. And it seemed that there were only us and the nature. After the rain, we just sat in silence for another half an hour," Olga Vysokoglyad admitted.

According to her, if after the Ledge you go farther on, you can reach the lake, where lotuses bloom in late May − early June. In general, crocuses and snowdrops are already catching your eye in the Baidar Valley, and soon wild irises and tulips will join them.

Waterfall Ledge

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Cheremisovsky Emerald waterfalls

You can also find peace among the emerald Cheremísovsky waterfalls in the Belogorskiy district. These are five unique mountain cascades on the seasonal Kuchuk-Karasu river, which has been persistently carving the picturesque Kok-Asan gorge.

The waterfalls, small in height, are picturesquely cut into the rocky banks of Kuchuk-Karasu. No waterfall is like another, but each of them is simply captivating. Kok-Asan is translated as "blue meadow". In some places, layers of blue clay come out of the banks and, reflecting in the mountain stream, fill the gorge with a bluish haze. Rare and ancient plants − ferns − grow on the sheer cliffs.

The Cheremisovsky waterfalls and the Kok-Asan gorge are just outside the village of Povorotnoyeh. The hiking trail starts from the forester's house. Five waterfalls and youth baths follow one after another along the three kilometer length of the mountain stream. There is also a symbolic "Waterfall of Love" there:  it consists of two streams of water falling from a three-meter height and merging together, symbolizing two lovers.

Cheremisovsky waterfalls

Of course, there are other waterside places in Crimea that can give real aesthetic pleasure. For example, Silver streams or Suatkan in the Bakhchisaray district, a waterfall named after the scientist Nikolai Golovkinskiy, and Arpát waterfalls in the vicinity of Alushta. Have a nice relaxation!