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According to dictionaries, cheburek “is a culinary product in the form of a semicircle made of dough without yeast, stuffed with chopped fatty lamb meat, onion, spices and a small amount of water. Deep fried. Served hot.” Many Crimean food outlets, wishing to satisfy the particular tastes of their guests, offer various fillings – with mussels, squid rings, spinach, mung bean sprouts, cabbage, berries and bananas. Along with chebureks, canteens also offer yantyks, which are baked on a hot dry pan and oiled after cooking.


“Ashlama-Saray” restaurant

Where: Bakhchisaray, Old Downtown, 18 Basenko St.  

The restaurant of traditional Crimean Tatar cuisine is in a beautiful place – near a picturesque cliff, not far from the cave town of Chufut-Kaleh. The interior impresses with its picturesque oriental flavor:  wooden gazebos with curtains where you can hide from the summer heat, trestle beds, waiters in ethnic clothes, a fountain in the Khan's Palace style, a lot of greenery and flowers and a waterfall running from the cliff.

“Bistro” dining café

Where:  Bakhchisaray, New Town, 8 Ko-operativnaya St.

“Bistro” is a place with the best, as locals assure, cuisine in the town, as well as with the best chebureks:  with meat, with cheese, and with a mix. The outlet works on the principle of the buffet line.  Denizens not only praise the varied, delicious and cost-friendly dishes, but also note the convenient location, cleanliness, courtesy of the staff, a fairly large space, to which an open area has been recently added.

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“Karaman” karaite cuisine café

Where:  Eupatoria, 68 Karaïmskaya St.

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In the old town of Eupatoria, next to the Karaite kenasses, there is an atmospheric “Karaman” café.  It is on the “Little Jerusalem” famous tourist route. The café building was a Karaite school at the beginning of the 20th century. Now a large selection of Karaim cuisine dishes awaits for the guests of the ethno-café and an unforgettable gastronomic pleasure – the chebureks, which are called chir-chirs here.  They are traditional – with lamb, beef and herbs or with cheese.

Complex "Karaimskiye kenassy" and cafe "Karaman" in Evpatoria

“Jeval” ethnic restaurant

Where: Eupatoria, 10 Karayev St.

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The restaurant, which is opposite to the famous Gezlev Gate, is part of the ethno-complex of the same name, which also includes a hotel in a unique ethnic style, an interactive museum with a 5x9 m model of the medieval Gezlev, and the “Kezlev khavesi” coffee house. The guests of the restaurant are promised to be introduced to the traditional Crimean Tatar cuisine, the recipes of which have been used for hundreds years, and to be treated with dishes that the ethnic cuisine has absorbed relatively recently.

And, the highlight of the program is the chibereks, as they are called here.

“Shalash” restaurant

Where:  Sevastopol, 1 Goncharnoyeh-Yalta highway, 12-th kilometer

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The famous Baydar Gate mountain pass, at an altitude of 503 m above sea level, is one of the favorite tourist places and a popular photo stops. From here you can see the Foros Church and the Crimean South Coast. The Baydar Gate is famous for its gastronomic old-timer – the “Shalash” restaurant, which has celebrated its 60th anniversary.

View of the Foros Church

There are more than 50 different dishes on the menu, but the top ones are Baidar lamb and chebureks, the recipe and cooking technology of which have not changed since the opening of the restaurant.

Restaurant "Shalash" at the Baydar Gates

“Orli” village café

Where:  Sevastopol, Orlinoyeh village, 39a Tenistaya St.

Web address:

This place is loved for its large green area with gazebos, trestle beds, fountains, and a playground. And, of course, for a varied menu, in which special attention is paid to the chebureks  ̶  in the visitors’ reviews they are referred to as simply huge.

It is advised to book a table in advance. “Orli” is also accepting pre-orders. Note for autotourists:  if you plan a route from Yalta, you can ride to the café from the Red Rock side, where the Foros Church is.

“Cheburechnaya” café  

Where:  Sevastopol, Balaclava, 2 Kamarskaya St.

Web address:

Another gastronomic old-timer with a 40-year history. Since 2020 it has been welcoming guests in a renovated interior in the style of the USSR public catering, under the slogan “Keeping traditions, we recall the past.” The menu is not very rich, the main focus is on the chebureks.  In addition to the traditional ones with meat/cheese and chicken/mushrooms. There are also chebureks with mussels, squid rings and salmon.

Cafe "Cheburechnaya" in Balaklava

Cheburek cafés on the central promenade of Alushta

Alushta promenade is famous for several places where lush, crispy pasties are served piping hot. It is not difficult to find those cafés by appetizing smells and queues. One of these booths is called "Vivat chebureki"  ̶  you place an order, pay, receive a check with a number and wait until the chef calls you. Pasties are stacked on cardboard plates, and you can have a bite at barrel-tables, but most locals and tourists prefer to move closer to the sea.


“Cheburechnaya” café

Where:  Simferopol district, Perevalnoyeh village, 52 Dachnaya St.

This is one of the most famous cheburek cafés from the Soviet times. It is on the Simferopol-Yalta highway. Everyone who travels to the South Coast or returns to the Crimean capital can see it. Inexpensive and tasty  ̶  these are the main slogans of the café. And fast service, a cozy room with a summer veranda, as well.

“Ak-Kaya” ethnic café

Where:  Bielogorsk, 40 Shevchenko St.

The ethno-café with the ethnic cuisine of the Crimean Tatars is part of the Ak-Kaya ethno-complex, which also includes a hotel and a banquet hall with an oriental interior. This café is on the old Simferopol-Theodosia highway, at the turn to the Taigan Lion Park. Near the entrance there is a distinctive two-meter sculpture in the form of two hugging chebureks.

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