In our selection − interesting museums of the peninsula, you might not know about.

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V. Verbitsky Paleontological Museum

In this unique place in the South Coastal town of Livadia, you can see personally the mysterious and unknown world of the inhabitants of the ancient Tethys Ocean and its modern relics.

The collection of the museum has almost every creature that lived in the depths of the ancient ocean, the part of the bottom of which Crimea was at that time:  sea hedgehogs, crabs, starfishes, mollusks and corals which are about 180 million years of age.  These already fossilized predecessors of dinosaurs were found in the Crimean mountains by the founder of the museum Valentin Verbitsky.

The number of museum exhibits exceeds 1000.  The uniqueness of the collection is that all species of the ancient flora are prepared using the author’s technology and presented in miniatures in which each coral is recreated from fragments.

Paleontological Museum of V. Verbitsky in Livadia

During an excursion the visitors immerse for one hour in the history of our planet and, in particular, the peninsula.  An exciting story from the creator of the museum, live communication and the opportunity to touch the exhibits await the visitors.

Location: Livadia town, 22-B Baturina St. (behind the former royal horse stable)

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Museum of Languages of the World

In Greater Alushta there is the only one in Russia and one of the few on the entire globe − the Museum of Languages of the World.

Here you can hear the sounds of hundreds of the most interesting languages of the planet:  unique whistling languages and Asian melodic proper names, speaking drums of chvi and clicking of ejective languages of African Busmen, giant languages and disappearing languages, as well as revived, sacred, artificial and forbidden languages from around the world.  Most exhibits are interactive.

Museum of World Languages ​​in the village of Zelenogorye (Alushta)

Hundreds of samples of modern and ancient writing on stones, birch bark, clay, wood, paper and palm leaves are also in the exhibition of the museum.  A separate large section is devoted to the Russian language, its history, dialects and spoken varieties.

The museum works daily, except Monday, from 10:00 to 18:00.  Ticket price:  300 rubles for adults and 200 rubles for children (from 6 to 14 years old).  Pre-booking is desirable.

Location: Alushta, Zelenogóryeh village, 15 Vodopadnaya St.

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ʻSmetliviy’ Ship-Museum

Military history buffs will be interested in the tour visit to the ʻSmetliviy’ guard ship, which turned into a museum − the only one of its kind in the Black Sea Fleet.  The ship is the main exhibit in the sea cluster of the ʻPatriot’ park in Sevastopol.

Initially, the legendary frigate entered the ranks of the Navy as far back as 1969.  The modernization and proper handling of the ship created miracles and doubled its service life.  For such duration of service, the ʻSmetliviy’ hit the book of records of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

ʻSmetliviy’ Ship-Museum

For tourists a visit to the frigate is a chance not only to see a real warship, but also to learn it in detail.  The guests will be able to visit the galley, crew's accommodations, inspect weapons, visit the wheel-house, listen the history of the frigate and even ring the bell.

The frigate is open to visit every day from 09:00 to 18:00.  The ticket price:  500 rubles for adults, 300 rubles for schoolchildren, students, people with disabilities, 200 rubles for pensioners of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.  A number of categories of visitors have the privilege of free admission.  Ticket office closes an hour before closing of the ship-museum.

Location: Sevastopol, 4 Minnaya St.

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Sculptor Vera Mukhina Museum  

The museum of the legendary sculptor, the author of the ʻa worker and a collective farmer’ monument, as well as the project of a faceted drinking glass, was opened in 1985 in Theodosia at the Mukhin’s family house.  The future celebrity often visited it in her childhood.  The facade of the building has retained its former appearance.

Two rooms are recreated:  the Vera’s room at the time of her school years and a fragment of her sculptor workshop, where her genuine works, personal belongings, and working tools are represented.

Vera Mukhina Museum

The museum presents five exposition topics:  ʻChildhood and Youth Years of Vera Mukhina’, ʻStudying abroad’, ʻThe pre-war period of the work of V.I. Mukhina’, ʻYears of the Great Patriotic War’, ʻThe post-war period of the sculptor’s work and a part of its workshop’.

The object is the only museum of the sculptor in all the post-Soviet countries.

Location: Theodosia, 1 Fedko St.

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Museum of Sea Curiosities

In this unusual museum in the west of Crimea, a unique collection of ʻgifts’ of the Black Sea is gathered – marine debris thrown by a storm to the shore and the images of stones, shells, algae, etc. created by nature itself.
These are bottles, shoes, and other items with one common feature − they were in the water for several years, and got covered with algae and sea shells.

According to the owners of the museum, exposing this unusual collection, they pursued the goal − to draw the attention of the authorities to the problems of the Black Sea, caused by the pollution of the coast with household garbage, and to convince ordinary visitors not to litter the coast.

Museum of Sea Curiosities

The exhibits of the unique museum, created by man and modified by the sea, are surprising and admired by small visitors who see unimaginable magical creatures in them.

Location: Saki district, Shtormovoyeh village, 8 Lenin St. apt. 29