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But right now this is not a good idea because the peninsula is still in the state of high readiness for emergency. And all those entering Crimea are sent to self-isolation or to a medical observatory. On May 18 a new Decree of the Head of the Republic Sergei Aksyonov came into force in which the paragraph on mandatory self-isolation of citizens was replaced by a recommendation not to leave the place of residence without urgent need.

"To recommend that citizens restrict travelling, including for tourism purposes, not leave their place of residence (stay) without urgent need and refrain from visiting religious places", — reads Paragraph 6 of the Decree.

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Currently, only those who are officially registered as residents of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol territory, own real estate (both residential and/or non-residential premises) in Crimea or travel to the peninsula on business trip, are allowed to the peninsula from other parts of the Russian Federation. And they all have to fill in a questionnaire, it which they are required to show exact information of themselves, and then they are sent to mandatory self-isolation for 14 calendar days. 

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During this period people should stay at the address indicated by them in the questionnaire: this is checked by special mobile groups with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Guard and municipalities. For two weeks those in self-isolation should not visit the place of work or study, public places. In the event of change in personal information (including the place of stay in self-isolation), a person must inform the Ministry of Health of Crimea within three hours by calling the hotline at: 8 (800) 733 3334 or 8 (800) 733 3312.

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At the same time, according to the Decree, in the absence of conditions for self-isolation at the place of residence (stay) in the territory of the Republic of Crimea, those citizens are subject to be confined to medical observatory.

The rest, who do not have legal grounds and/or permission to enter Crimea, are sent for the same 14 days to a medical observatory − for continuous observation.

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In addition, till otherwise ordered, people are obliged to use personal protective equipment (medical and non-medical masks, respirators) when they are in public transport, or in a passenger taxi car, when visiting shopping (service) places, and when they are in public places (at transport stops, in the open areas of airports, railway and bus stations, etc.).

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It is also necessary to maintain a distance to other people of at least 1.5 meters (the social distance), including in public places and public transport, with the exception of taxi car service.

We remind you that in the Republic of Crimea reservation of tours, reception and accommodation of people in boarding houses, guest houses, health improvement centers, health resorts, round the clock children's health camps, hotels and in other accommodation facilities are suspended (except for persons on business trips).

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