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Vorontsov Palace
Crimea has great prospects associated with the development of domestic tourism after lifting of the restrictions regime, the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea Vadim Volchenko said on the air of the Crimea 24 TV channel.

"The health resort industry has suffered like no other, but on the other hand, Crimea has great prospects in connection with domestic tourism. For many decades, Crimea has traditionally been considered the best place to recover from respiratory diseases. People come here for rehabilitation, for recuperation, so that children could receive vitamin D under sun on the seashore. And all this is true not only in summer, but also in autumn. We have serious competitive advantages, they have always been and will always be here − they are associated with quality of food, winemaking, nature, touristic objects. Therefore, it is now very important to survive this difficult period till a normal season. And this largely depends on us and how responsive we will act under the president’s warnings and decrees of the Head of the Republic", — Vadim Volchenko emphasized.   

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Massandra Palace
According to him, in the absence of negative dynamics, the sanatorium complex of the peninsula will be able to begin preparations for the summer season from May 12: technical and repair work, preparation of beaches, in compliance with all necessary preventive and disinfection measures.  

At the same time, the Minister drew attention to the high rates of booking, which were maintained. It means that many vacationers agreed to postpone their trips to a more favorable period.  

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Beach in the bay of the Novy Svet
"Today reservations for health resorts are saved by more than 60%, in the hotel sector (large and small hotels) − by 30-40%. Many hotels and resorts received serious advance payments for future vacations and they have already invested this money in preparation for the season, in repairing rooms, preparing beaches, and purchasing equipment and furniture. And, of course, returning this advance money to tourists can be a big problem. Therefore, we try to talk with customers and convince them not to cancel, but to postpone their reservations", — concluded Vadim Volchenko.