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Virtual tours of Russia can be made both individually and with family or friends, and even without leaving home. Experts from the National Hospitality Industry Union (NHIU) and the Mriya Resort & Spa team presented a website where they combined a variety of online travels in our country. These are 3D tours, and panoramic videos, and video sketches about cities, and entire programs.  

According to Alexey Volkov, vice president of NHIU, today about 800 links to "virtual reality" tours are available on the site. At the same time, it continues to fill up, and everyone can add an object for free. 

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"The idea arose in connection with the regime of self-isolation and the impossibility to travel where you want. Therefore, we decided to create such a platform in order, on the one hand, to offer tourists a lot of ideas for future "real reality" travels, and on the other hand, to support the business community and tourist facilities. Now is the best time to draw public attention to domestic tourism, to talk more about our country", — emphasized Alexey Volkov.  

In addition to excursions to museums, places of worship and religious places, you can take an online walking through the largest industrial enterprises or go on a tour of the national parks of Russia. There are even collections of online aggregators for travelers in Russia and tours for those who love extreme sports and outdoor activities.