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Tyler Cowen, professor of economics at George Mason University, spoke about the new habits that travelers may have after the pandemic recedes. Here is the report of the travel service with reference to The National Post newspaper. 

Thus, Tyler Cowen believes that tourists will often choose budget options for destinations, transport and accommodation. Preferences will be given to epidemiologically safe countries, as well as locales where quarantine restrictions on air and rail transportation, as well as isolation of visitors are lifted.  

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The expert predicts that the main vehicle during travel will be a personal car. If the only way of traveling is by air, then direct flights will be a priority so that to get to the place as comfortably and quickly as possible and not to worry about transfers, delays or cancellations. 

At the same time, the professor expressed confidence that the demand for travel will remain high, as people are evidently tired of self-isolation and want to change the situation. In addition, many will want to see friends and relatives when this becomes possible, which means that they will have to move from one place to another.