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The Federal Air Transport Agency has prepared a draft three-stage lifting of the restrictions on passenger traffic, introduced due to the coronavirus, RIA Novosti reported. It is noted that the guidelines were elaborated jointly with the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation.

So, during the first stage, passengers are offered to take seats in airplanes observing the safe distance: if the seats are three in a row, the central seat should not be occupied, if two in a row − in a checkerboard pattern.

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Also, the passengers will not be allowed on board with the overcoats on: they will have to pack it in a plastic bag and put it in an overhead compartment. In addition, passengers may be prohibited to unfasten seat belts and walking along the cabin during the flight, except for visiting the toilet. It will not be possible to call a flight attendant − with the exception of a dangerous situation that threatens health and/or life. 

During the first and second stages of the pre-flight restrictions, everyone should undergo non-contact temperature test. Those who are above 37.5°C will not be allowed on board.

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In addition, passengers must be wearing gloves and masks during the flight time. If the flight lasts more than three hours, it is planned to change the used masks in the sanitary-hygienic cabin in turns, observing the safe social distance, and the used masks will be packed in an airtight container for subsequent disinfection and disposal.