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Stone therapy
"Rehabilitation by the peninsula" is extremely necessary for those who have recently suffered from respiratory diseases, in particular, coronavirus infection.

According to the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea, today a number of Crimean accommodation facilities have prepared rehabilitation programs after a coronavirus infection and 7 to 23 days programs for general prevention of respiratory system diseases.  

View of the southern coast of Crimea

"This is not a specific rehabilitation, since the disease is still not properly studied.  Programs include additional diagnostics and procedures aimed at restoring breathing and strengthening immunity. Crimea has historically been a health resort where respiratory diseases were treated primarily. Therefore, this trend, which is in great demand against the background of the pandemic, will continue to develop in the future," the Head of the Ministry of Resorts Vadim Volchenko emphasized. 

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According to him, Sechenov Research Institute in Yalta, Pediatric Balneology, Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation Research Institute in Eupatoria and Georgiyevskiy Medical Academy at Vernadsky Crimean Federal University in Simferopol are working on the development of the COVID-related programs. But at the same time, the minister added, it is necessary to join efforts in this direction with other scientific institutions of the Russian Federation. The travel portal talked with the heads of the Crimean health resorts and found out exactly how they are ready to help tourists who have suffered certain respiratory diseases.

During the off-season and the restrictions in force due to the epidemiological situation, we advise you before you go to check the operating schedule of the accommodation facility you are heading to on its official website or by calling the numbers indicated in the contact information section. Also, before arriving, you need to know the accommodation requirements for guests.

The best region for climatotherapy  

Climatotherapy is exactly a key factor in the treatment of various diseases of the bronchopulmonary system. One of the best places for this is the South Coast of Crimea. According to experts, the South Coast is the only coastal climatic region in Russia with a dry subtropical climate of the North Mediterranean type.

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"The South Coast is considered mostly a climatic resort. All local accommodation facilities, licensed to practice medicine, have been receiving, receive and will be receiving primarily patients with respiratory problems. The climatic features of the peninsula can and should be used all year round," emphasizes Tatyana Golubova, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Director of the Research Institute of Pediatric Balneology, Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation in Eupatoria.

It is not surprising that most of the hotels and health resorts offering recovery programs, including those after suffering a coronavirus infection, are located in the resorts areas of the South Coast. Among them: Demerdzhi, More SPA & Resort, Porto Mare in Alushta, Aivazovskoe in Partenit, Gurzufskiy health resort in Gurzuf, Mriya Resort & SPA, Dyulber, Ai-Petri, Palmira Palace, Dolossy in Yalta, Foros Wellness & Park  in Foros and others.

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Crimean coast
Thus, according to Anastasia Vlasenko, chief physician of Foros Wellness & Park, targeted health programs are needed for any inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract, in particular, after bronchitis and pneumonia of any etiology, not only COVID-related.

Foros Wellness&Park Health Resort

"But COVID-19 is complicated with its effects on the interstitial tissue, and thus a person is prone to fibrosis − hardening of the lung tissue with subsequent pathological changes. To avoid this, these procedures are just necessary, − says the head physician. − Each resort of the South Coast has its own microclimate. And in Foros it is double as healing − thanks to the mountain range grown with juniper. Plus the proximity to the sea shore. And we also have a huge 80 hectare park with relict evergreens".

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Mud treatment
At the same time, it is possible to undergo health-improving "breathing" programs on the western coast of the peninsula, which is famous for its curative mud capabilities. Helios, Dream Lake, Poltava, Sakropol, Yurmino health resorts and the Saki Pirogov clinical health center are at the services of tourists there.

What is included in the wellness programs

Spa and health improvement programs include both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.  Depending on the type of the illness and the doctor's recommendations, the programs may include the following services:

Diagnostic procedures

  • Examination and supervision of the attending physician upon arrival to the health resort
  • Consultation with a pulmonologist
  • Cardiogram and spirometry
  • Check of the guest’s health condition upon leaving the health resort
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Crimea the great healer

Therapeutic procedures

  • Hardware physiotherapy
  • Inhalations
  • Speleotherapy (visit to the salt chamber)
  • Health paths and Scandinavian walking on the territory of the resort park
  • Physiotherapy exercises, also aimed at oxygenation of the body
  • Mud applications (using silt-sulphide mud of Saki Lake)
  • Chest massage (to improve blood circulation in the lungs)
  • Circular shower or sea-water “pearl” baths
  • Intravenous ozone therapy
  • Diet food and so-called vitamin tables
  • Oxygen cocktails
  • Drinking mineral water, which replenishes the deficiency of important microelements and relieves inflammation in the lungs
  • Balneotherapy − taking mineral and "dry" carbon dioxide baths
  • Aromatherapy (according to doctors, it affects more the psycho-emotional background)
  • Treatment in a pressure chamber (the unique complex effect of oxygenation under high pressure)
Pump room in the sanatorium "Sakropol"

"There are four main objectives of such health-improving procedures:  improving the respiratory system functions, normalizing the general state of the body, forming a positive-emotional background (after all, a patient has been very nervous during his/her illness) and, finally, returning to his/her usual way of life − social, professional, domestic," explains Darina Boldyreva, the deputy chief physician of the Poltava health resort in Saki.

When to go to a health resort and what are the contraindications

Experts insist:  you do not need to go to a health resort immediately after you leave the hospital.  It is better to stay at home for the prescribed period. There is no need to rush.

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"A person who has been in hospital for, say, a week, receives a sick leave for another 2 weeks not for nothing. After all, firstly, he may still be a hazard to those around him, and secondly, there is a need to take care of himself/herself, "calm down" the body. Therefore, it is better to come to a health resort no earlier than in 2-3 weeks, depending on the severity of the illness," Anastasia Vlasenko, the head physician of Foros Wellness & Park, emphasizes.

However, rehabilitation at health resorts has its own contraindications. These include:  

  • All diseases of the respiratory system, accompanied by the development of pulmonary and heart failure higher than stage II
  • Bronchiectasis and chronic abscess with severe exhaustion, increased body temperature, the release of copious purulent sputum
  • Bronchial asthma with frequent and/or severe asthma attacks, hormone-dependent uncontrolled asthma
  • Diseases of the respiratory system of inflammatory genesis in the acute period and in the phase of acute condition of the chronic process

At the same time, according to Tatyana Golubova, the doctor of medicine, professor, director of the Research Institute of Pediatric Balneology, Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation in Eupatoria, in September this year the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation issued an order on indications and contraindications for health resort treatment.

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"However, for a number of nosologies, the indications have been expanded, so the regulatory framework is being finalized at the moment. We are currently preparing clinical guidelines. There is an active work in this direction," the professor specifies.

Healing Crimea is at your service! And we wish you easy breathing!