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Guests leave this land feeling vigorous, renovated, as if bathed in the sun.

The Travel Portal of the Republic of Crimea launches a series of materials on the possibilities of year-round rehabilitation on the peninsula. Together with resort experts, doctors, specialists in various fields, we will tell you which resources, techniques, services, etc. may help guests of Crimea to significantly improve their condition by regaining their natural strength and vitality.

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And we decided to devote our first publication to the topic of SPA treatments.  By the way, these three letters, which have long been heard by everyone, are usually written in both Cyrillic and Latin letters. In general, SPA is an abbreviation of the Latin Sanus per Aquam, which means "health through water". 

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About the most popular SPA procedures and which diseases they help to tame − Yana Tyncherova, the dermal cosmetologist of the largest SPA-center in Simferopol, told the Travel Portal.

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Of course, "health through water" is especially popular in winter, when you want warmth and comfort, and the body dreams of massages with aromatic oils, body wraps and saunas… Mmm!  In addition, the cold season is always a stress for the body, so it should be regularly "cheered up".

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"The best SPA treatments are those after which a person feels renewed, recreated, after which there is a surge of strength and energy. In winter it is, of course, baths and saunas. The steam room has a unique beneficial effect on the body: it cleanses and strengthens blood vessels, relaxes the muscle corset, cleanses the skin pores, and removes toxins.  But this cannot be overused: bath treatment is considered optimal 1-2 times a week. Many specialized centers and hotels in Crimea offer their guests SPA programs, which include the bath treatment (Russian, Finnish, Roman, Japanese, hammam, infrared sauna) in combination with swimming pool, various types of massages, tempering massage showers. Such programs increase the body's protective abilities", — said Yana Tyncherova.

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According to her, well-chosen SPA treatments help to solve one of the most common health problems: frequent colds, constant feeling of tiredness, insomnia, hormonal disorders, disorders of joints, overweight, the "heavy legs" feeling, consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.  However, as the specialist emphasizes, in case of any of the named symptoms it is more advisable to visit a doctor first. If the doctor has no objections − welcome to the SPA.

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This healing method is also good for those who need rehabilitation after injuries or recovery in the post-natal period (2-3 months after childbirth). But mind, if the doctor has no objections.

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"SPA procedures strengthen immunity, reduce stress and nervousness, promote weight loss and general healing, stimulate blood circulation, remove toxins, normalize blood pressure, improve lymphatic drainage, and slow down the aging process. If you are a swimming pool fan, then regular swimming classes (3 times a week) is a great way to tighten your figure and lose overweight. If you like massages − be aware that preventive and cosmetology massages are recommended 2 times a week, and treatment is prescribed only by a doctor", — said the dermal cosmetologist.

What are the criteria for choosing a SPA center? First, advises Yana Tyncherova, pay attention to the equipment of the center, the availability of conditions for a comprehensive SPA treatment: massage rooms, pool, steam rooms, bathtubs, etc. Second, ask if the specialists have the appropriate education. Third, do not hesitate to ask a question about the sterility of the procedures. And, finally, listen to the recommendations and references of your friends who have already visited this or that SPA center.

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Contraindications for SPA treatments:

— Shortness of breath

— Phlebeurysm

— Pregnancy and lactation

— Acute infectious diseases

— Inflammatory skin diseases

— Allergies

— Blood pressure problems

— Hyperthyroidism

— Acute viral diseases

— Some kinds of cardiovascular system diseases

— Oncological diseases

— Spinal problems