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Mud treatment
A healthy heart and blood vessels are the basis of a long life and well-being. This fact is undeniable. However, it often happens that pressure begins to jump, the level of cholesterol in blood rises dangerously, the heart and blood vessels are under the strain, and the danger of heart attacks increases. Moreover, not only among older people, but, sometimes, also among rather young people.  In this case, a comprehensive health-improving program is needed to strengthen the "motor" and improve health condition. That is what many people go for to Crimea.  

Nature treatment 

Cardiovascular health resorts of Crimea have a modernized premises, qualified personnel and modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment. But the most important healing factor here is the unique nature − the sun, the gentle sea, coniferous trees and the wonder-making ionized air. In a word, the best conditions for effective treatment and recuperation has been created on the peninsula, so every year more and more people suffering from cardiovascular diseases come here. 

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Aromatherapy Vacationers
Along with the ideal natural factors, a variety of techniques are widely used here, such as climatotherapy, aromatherapy based on essential oils, health paths to walk on, herbal and mineral baths, shock-wave therapy, lymphatic drainage, cryotherapy.  

Health resorts in different regions of Crimea provide effective and high-quality treatment of cardiovascular diseases. However, health resorts of the South Coast of Crimea have always stood apart. The natural and climatic conditions of this region are perfectly suited for people with heart failure.  

Where to get medicinal treatment and prophylaxis 

Dozens of health resorts on the peninsula offer the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and recovery from diseases. Which of them to choose everyone decides for himself, depending on personal preference. We will list some of them.  

Aivazovskoyeh health resort 

This health resort is on the Black Sea shore at the foot of Mount Ayu-Dag in the South Coast village of Parthenit. The territory is protected by a mountain amphitheater from cold winds and this is the reason why the climate of the place is favorable for Mediterranean vegetation, unique for the peninsula. An excellent combination of climatic and geographical factors created the best conditions for recreation and rehabilitation all year round.  

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Evpatoria aerial view
The health resort profile is treatment of cardiovascular diseases, nervous and respiratory systems, as well as general body healing. The medical base and the profile of the resort are steadily developing. Various types of rehabilitation are based on the use of balneology, mud therapy, aerotherapy, heliotherapy, thalassotherapy and other therapeutic methods. 

The medical personnel have developed and applied original programs for the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases, and all these make this place one of the most popular and its services are in demand among Russians. 

Park sanatorium "Aivazovskoe"

Slavutich health resort 

This is a modern health-improving complex on the Black Sea shore in Alushta, which offers its guests a full range of medicinal and preventive treatment that helps to rehabilitate and restore the body, as well as prevent various diseases. 

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Sanatorium on the seashore in Crimea
New medicinal methods combined with the high professionalism of the medical staff and favorable climatic conditions give high results in treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system and also a number of others.  In this resort halotherapy, aromatherapy, mineral waters, mud therapy with Saki mud, ozokeritotherapy (applications with mountain wax), hydrotherapy, inhalations, physiotherapeutic procedures and much more are widely used. 

Salt cave

Ai-Danil health resort 

This health resort is in a picturesque place at the foot of a mountain range between the Nikitsky Botanical Garden and the Artek International Children's Center. The buildings are right in the relic juniper grove. This territory has a unique microclimate with the purest mountain and sea air, which in itself is salubrious. The unique location of the sanatorium determined its profile: they successfully treat and prevent cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.  

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Today Ai-Danil is a climatic health resort with a solid up-to-date medical and diagnostic base, effective medicinal and healing methods, comfortable accommodation facilities, supplemented by the healing properties of the healing factors of the South Coast nature. It offers hydrotherapy, climatotherapy, physiotherapy, mud therapy, massages and much more.  


Rossiya health-improvement complex 

This resort complex is based on the territory of the former Rossiya health resort in Yalta, right on the sea shore. It is in the luxurious ancient Chukurlar park and nowadays it is one of the largest health centers of the South Coast. It offers comfortable guest rooms with all amenities from Standard category to Luxury and Apartment.  

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The resort complex is famous for its developed medicinal base, numerous kinds of wellness and medicinal treatments and an up-to-date diagnostic and treatment center. The treatment profile is general therapy with a specialized approach to diseases of the cardiovascular system and some others. The main method of health improvement is climate therapy. Aromatherapy, physical fitness therapy, thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, hydrocolonotherapy, mud therapy and paraffin treatment, massage, manual therapy, vibration and pressure therapy, extracorporeal shock-wave therapy, electric and light therapy and other methods are also widely practiced there.  

Sanatorium "Rysia"

Miskhor health resort 

This health resort is in a unique microclimatic zone on the South Coast of Crimea – in the village of Koreyiz. This is a place with a warm, mild and reach climate and a combination of mountain and sea air. The guests are free to explore the territory with well-groomed greenery, to use private beach and developed infrastructure. The health resort has one of the best medical and diagnostic facilities on the peninsula: excellent doctors, modern equipment and many years of experience in conducting wellness and health improvement procedures yield positive results. 

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The view from the hotel room
There are 15 types of nutrition diets served for the patients, because specialists are sure that proper diet helps restore metabolic processes and improve the functions of the body organs. This also applies to the cardiovascular system. They successfully treat and prevent heart diseases, not only for adults, but also for children. So this place is suitable for recovery and rehabilitation of the whole family. 

Sanatorium "Miskhor"

This is only a part of the Crimean health resorts that are suitable for the recovery and rehabilitation of people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. There are many such health resorts in Crimea, and most of them have different profiles, which allow all family members to combine leisure with health care.