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Swallow's Nest Castle
Besides the nature, climate and attractions that are worth seeing, there are very unusual hotels here.  They amaze with their design, interior and size.  We have prepared a selection of objects that will reveal a new approach to the hotel accommodation. 

"Lime" capsule hostel 

The hotel, a prototype of which appeared in Japan 40 years ago, is located in the centre of Yalta. The capsule room is equipped with individual ventilation, a lamp, electricity sockets, clothes hooks, a mirror, bedding and a place to store personal items. The cells themselves are locked with a key. By the way, the hotel offers also "doubles" − capsules for two, which are convenient for young couples.  

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"Lime" capsule hostel in Yalta

Romance of trains 

All fans of the railway romance can stay in an unusual accommodation facility − the "carriage hotel". Yes, in Sevastopol you can rent beds in a compartment or entire compartment in a railway passenger carriage. By the way, it is very economical. The carriage is docked at the territory complete with a restaurant, a shop, a recreation area and it is close to the city’s "Star Beach".  

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Space hotel

Have you long dreamed of space and do you want to go there at least once? In Crimea you have the opportunity to visit a garden with fantastic plants, get acquainted with alien weapons, live at an intergalactic station and dine on space food. All this is offered at the unique interactive "Guardian of the Empire" in Alushta. This is an art object with 12 cabins, control cabin, passengers’ lounge, a relax area and much more.  The maximum effect is created by 3D-simulators, as well as a view of outer space through the portholes. The interior is complemented by museum exhibits from science fiction films and films about history of space missions, meteorites.  

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Guardian of the Empire

Residential Caves 

Another interesting accommodation option in Crimea is cave dwelling. Have you ever thought about how our distant ancestors lived without communication means and usual benefits of civilization? You can try it for yourself, stopping in residential caves on the Eski-Kermen estate, which offers a picturesque vista of the canyon. These are real rooms in the rocks, however, a little improved and equipped with the necessary amenities: a bathroom, a TV set and rustic furniture. Each room has a wood-burning fireplace, which creates the cosiness and comfort of the Middle Ages. They cook here in a pavilion with barbecue outdoors, on an open fire like our ancestors. 

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Cave for settling tourists in the eco-estate Eski-Kermen in the Bakhchisarai district

Spherical house 

"The first spherical guest house" is in the village of Vysokoye, Bakhchisarai District. The country house offers an outdoor pool, garden, lounge, Wi-Fi, a maximum number of household machinery. The windows offer stunning views of the picturesque nature. There is a spacious living room with dining area, three bedrooms and a comfortable bathroom. In a word, everything for maximum privacy under the "luxury class" conditions. 

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"The first spherical guest house" in the Bakhchisarai district

Night at the palace

And if you need not privacy, but royal stylishness on the contrary, then welcome to the prince Yusupov palace on the South Coast. The palace offers the guests not only excursions around this object of culture, but also accommodation in the apartments of prince Yusupov himself or in the rooms where Stalin and Molotov stayed during the Yalta Conference. The royal family of the Romanovs was welcomed here, and later − president Franklin Roosevelt and prime minister Winston Churchill. And today you too may stay here overnight.  

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