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Crimean coast
Healing properties of water, special atmosphere, high level of service, aromas of essential oils, relaxing music, special complexes of procedures are the main components of the contemporary SPA philosophy.

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Genuine SPA treatments deliver not only physical, but also spiritual satisfaction, teach you to cherish yourself, and sometimes even change your attitude to life. The first selection of the most popular SPA hotels in Crimea we presented earlier. And today we continue.

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Mud treatment
So, what resort complexes of the peninsula offer suitable conditions for multifaceted SPA leisure?  

Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA

Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA in Alushta has an excellent SPA-center. Its thermal zone with the symbolic name "Warm Dream" which offers procedures of relaxation, deserves special attention. According to experts, this is an ideal prelude for basic SPA treatments.

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Greater Alushta
The "steamy relax" is offered in Finnish sauna, Roman and Egyptian baths and Turkish hammam. You can enhance your water experience in the pool with Jacuzzi-type font: muscles relax perfectly, nerve endings are stimulated and blood flow is accelerated, and due to all these effects fats burn faster. And what fine comfort and bliss!

There is also a salt cave in the hotel’s bath complex, which, thanks to the presence of natural salt blocks, imitates the atmosphere of a natural salt mine. Here, the air is saturated with potassium and sodium ions, which have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

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An alternative to bath procedures is cryotherapy − for those guests who are not afraid to expose the body to extremely low temperatures for a prescribed period of time. But after this, immunity strengthens, pain syndromes are eliminated, body endurance increases – all due to the shock activation of latent body resources.

The hotel also offers a wide range of massages, mud therapy, cosmetology.

Salt cave

Consol Sport − Nikita

"Console Sport — Nikita" is another SPA hotel on the South Coast. It is on the embankment of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. There is a pool area, which includes a jacuzzi, a relaxation area (heated water beds), a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam, a salt pool, a "shower of impressions" (allows you to experience tropical and icy rain).

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Aromatherapy Vacationers
A bio-sauna is of a particular interest − this is a light version of Finnish sauna (temperature is +55°C / 130°F and humidity about 50%), which is safe even for children and people with sensitive skin.

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A herbal bath is indispensable for relaxation:  a combination of essential oils and aromas of natural herbs helps to get rid of toxins, increases circulation and makes the skin soft. Each guest sits in a separate, pre-heated seat in a niche. After 5-10 minutes the effect of detoxification and cleansing process is already felt. After Russian bath and Finnish sauna, it is wonderful to refresh in the so-called Snow Room, giving a pleasant tingling in the skin.

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Ribera Resort & SPA

The West Coast of Crimea also has something to surprise its guests. So, there is Ribera Resort & SPA in Eupatoria, which offers a huge range of SPA services. In addition to the standard bath complex, which includes various baths, saunas and a swimming pool, there are rich wellness programs that combine wellness with psychological relaxation.

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Everyone can order the "SPA body correction" procedure: these are modern equipment methods applied to body that allow achieving high efficiency in weight loss and body shape modeling. The "SPA-relax" treatment is also in demand: it is a comprehensive approach, including steaming and cleansing, the main procedure, moisturizing.

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At the same time, a wide variety of massage is also offered, and the most unusual of them is called "Author’s Massage": it is done with consideration of the physiological structure of the body of individual client, attention is paid to its strong and weak zones. In this massage various techniques are used: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish. Massage can be performed both in a gentle technique (for the effect of relaxation), and in "sports" technique (for intensive impact on muscles). A massage with hot stones and warm chocolate will give an unearthly bliss.


Scarlet Sails Hotel 

In Theodosia, on the territory of the Scarlet Sails hotel there is a Health and Beauty Center, with the quite expected name Assol, which offers a large selection of wellness and aesthetic services. Guests can visit the Finnish sauna, Turkish bath (hammam), infrared sauna, phyto-barrel, phyto-bar, cosmetology and massage rooms, hydro-massage and balneological baths, a room of techno cosmetology, SPA room and the largest indoor pool in the city.

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The visitors are offered all types of therapeutic effects: aromatherapy, mud therapy, thalassotherapy, salt and mineral water treatment, chocolate therapy, programs for improving breathing and body shaping.  And face and body skin care techniques from professional Italian and Israeli brands are also offered here. As the center assures, the best in Theodosia spa therapists, cosmetologists, stylists and qualified trainers work in it.

SPA procedure

Soldaya Grand Hotel

A good SPA center is on the territory of the Soldaya Grand Hotel complex in Sudak. For example, in winter it is especially pleasant to visit a sauna, the interior of which is made of elite varieties of wood. Due to the saturation of the air with useful microelements formed during the fusion of crystals of Himalayan salt and hot water, a powerful compound is created effective in rejuvenating and healing the body as a whole.

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There is also a hammam here.  Its interior is striking in its sophistication:  the ceiling in the form of a starry sky creates the effect of the fabulous charm of the oriental night. The use of exclusively natural materials − stone, marble, mosaic and travertine − ensures even absorption of thermal radiation and its soft return.

Also for the guests there are: an indoor pool with heated water, spa programs for body care, cosmetic procedures aimed at restoring the natural and protective functions of the skin, various types of massage.

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SPA procedure

Of course, these are not all the SPA hotels in Crimea, where you can spend time with benefits for body and soul. You can recover, relax and at the same time get prettier in many resort complexes. And as a bonus:  comfortable climate and healing air with an admixture of the sea breeze, evergreens and the sun wait for you on the peninsula. So vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.