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Representatives of the tourism industry discussed how to use the experience gained, consolidate the results and outlined the further path of development at the "No Cheating" live talk show on the Millet TV channel.

This holiday season is not like any other, and the scheme of the phased launch of the tourist industry (from June 15 — for residents of Crimea, and from July 1 — for all citizens of the Russian Federation) has fully justified itself, said Vadim Volchenko, the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea.

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"It was a strong-willed decision made by the Head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov.  It fully justified itself — both from the point of view of security, we can already admit it now, and from the point of view of the industry:  it survived. We can say that we have coped with that chellenge and continue to work at a very high level", — added the Head of the Ministry of Resorts.

The Chairman of the Committee of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea on tourism, resorts and sports Alexei Chernyak in his turn noted that the level of occupancy of accommoation facilities in the 2020 season confirms this statement.

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"This year all the industry actors had their share of tourists, even in those regions that do not belong to the most popular among tourists, the accommodation facilities were full: the west coast, Razdolnenskiy, Chernomorskiy Districts — there were no empty rooms", — said Alexey Chernyak. He also added that the coronavirus pandemic had an impact on pricing, but there was no large increase in prices in overall sales.

According to Oksana Shustikova, director for development and communications of the booking service, this summer Crimea has become the undisputed leader in bookings for holidays. Moreover, the three most popular cities (in Russia) were Yalta, Theodosia and Eupatoria.

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The booking of Crimean accommodation facilities for September-October is 70-80%. At the same time, according to the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea, the tourism industry has all the possibilities to successfully work 6-7, or even 10 months a year.

"The interest in Crimea is huge. And it still is in the velvet season: as before, thanks to good weather, beach holidays are in demand, but they are gradually being replaced by opportunities for health improvement.  Historically, the peninsula is considered the best for medicinal tourism to treat the respiratory system — and this is exactly what the country needs during the pandemic. Health resorts and healh improvement centers will soon become the best sellers. We would like, of course, to develop event tourism, and we hope that we will be able to hold our traditional autumn festivals in compliance with all safety measures. It should also be noted that airlines maintain the schedule of direct flights to Crimea from different regions of the Russian Federation until November — and this is also a very good indicator", — Vadim Volchenko summed up. 

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He also stressed that the best way to improve the quality of service in Crimea is to create conditions of competitive environment for accommodation facilities.

"We clearly understand that in the next couple of years we need to either launch health resorts, which are now closed, or build new ones in order to get an additional 4-5 thousand rooms within a couple of years.  And in a five-year perspective — up to 20 thousand rooms at least, and I hope that this will be supported by the country's government. Competition is the only evolutionary way to improve service quality and reduce prices in Crimea. This will significantly improve the economic situation in Crimea, unite many related sectors, and allow the normal development of public catering, excursion and transport activities. The tourist sector in Crimea is the staple one. Here, in one way or another, everyone is connected with tourism", — the Head of the Ministry of Resorts is convinced.