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"Almost two million vehicles used the bridge across the Kerch Strait in three summer months, including almost 200,000 trucks and 14,000 buses. In August, at the peak of the resort season, nearly a million vehicles passed over the bridge. On August 15, the traffic amounted to 36 393 vehicles, and the absolute record was reached on August 16: 37,374 vehicles", — the department informed.

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According to Rosavtodor, the largest number of vehicles came to Crimea on August 3 (21,410), in the opposite direction − on August 21 (20,602). In total, in August, more than 470,000 vehicles drove in the direction of the peninsula, and about 500,000 − in the opposite direction. The average daily traffic intensity was more than 31,300 vehicles.

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According to the statistics of the past years, in September the traffic intensity on the Crimean bridge may remain at a high level, the Rosavtodor noted. Since the beginning of the operation of the highway section of the bridge (from May 16, 2018), about 11.5 million vehicles have passed it. The bridge operation is proceeding normally.

The highway over the Crimean bridge, the section beginning from km 141 to km 160 (a total of 19 km) of the federal highway A-290 is under the operational control of the Taman Federal State Institution Uprdor of the Federal Road Transport Agency. It has four traffic lanes of 1B category with a capacity of 40 thousand vehicles per day. The speed limit is 90 km/h.

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