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Actually, because of the two above mentioned factors families with children are especially fond of coming to the Azov shores, which, above all, are famous for their wide and clean sandy beaches. In addition, lovers of "natural" recreation find the desired relaxation here.

The travel portal has prepared an overview of leisure options on the Azov shores.

The town of Shchyolkino

This town near the Kazantip Nature Reserve has repeatedly been included in the ratings of the most popular places on the Azov Sea, where parents with children prefer to recreate.

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The infrastructure is developed well enough, boarding houses, mini-hotels, guest houses for the vacationers are available. It is also possible to rent luxury apartments and cottages. Moreover, in comparison with the other Crimean resorts, vacations in Shchyolkino can pleasantly surprise with affordable prices.

On the adjacent shores there are two large beaches with wide sandy shores − Central and Tatarka. The Central beach is 3 km long, covered with yellowish sand, the shore gently slopes into the sea, without stones and sharp pebbles. There are cabins for changing, toilets, a watch tower for lifeguard personnel, and a playground for children. There also are cafés, bars, shops with food and beach accessories within walking distance. There is no promenade; instead there is a pedestrian unpaved road along the sea.

Coast of the Sea of Azov

The Tatarka beach (named after the name of the bay − Tatarskaya) is 5 km from Shchyolkino and stretches for about 25 km. The beach is covered with small shells, the shore slope is gentle and the water is shallow. The part of the beach, which is closer to the town, boasts a great variety of cafés and snack bars.

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Shallow water and good winds make Tatarka a popular holiday destination for wind- and kitesurfing fans. Here you can also take classes in these sports of experienced instructors. Also a great option is to rent a boat for a sea trip to visit the secluded coves and small bays of the Kazantip Nature Reserve, or go fishing.

By the way, from Shchyolkino it is not difficult to get to Theodosia (64 km) or Kerch (73 km). Scheduled buses go to Shchyolkino from Simferopol, both from the airport bus terminal (travel time is about 5 hours), and from the central bus station of the Crimean capital (estimated travel time is 4 hours).

Mysovoyeh village and the Kazantip Nature Reserve

Another popular place on the Azov Sea coast is the village of Mysovoyeh. Its main attraction is the Kazantip Nature Reserve, occupying the area of 450.1 hectares. It is home to many types of field herbs and flowers, including medicinal, 188 species of vertebrates and more than 450 species of invertebrates, including rare ones. In the reserve you also can see the remains of the ancient settlement of Heraclius, 3-2 centuries BC.

Coast of the Sea of Azov

A "must-have” for every vacationer here is to book a sea excursion to see the amazing coves and feel the stunning smell of herbs. Swimming is allowed on the territory of the reserve. The beach of the village of Mysovoyeh is a narrow shore called the Russian Bay. Tourists love this place for its uncrowdedness, shallow waters with its gradually and safely sloping sand and shell beach. Small boarding houses line up along the shore. Or you may just camp out there with a tent. All sanitary conditions are maintained on the beaches, there are rentals of beach and water sports equipment, children’s playgrounds and volleyball courts.

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The main infrastructure is concentrated in the part of the village adjacent to the beach: a mini market with vegetables and fruit, grocery stores, cafés and snack-bars, kiosks with soft drinks and ice cream.

Other villages on the shores of the Kazantip Bay

There are other villages on the Azov Sea coast that are popular among tourists: Zolotoyeh, Kurortnoyeh, Pesochnoyeh, Novo-otradnoyeh, Kamenskoyeh, etc. They are also good for a whole family beach vacation; they abound in guest houses, cafés and fast food for every taste. Here you will not only find a wide variety of entertainment, but you can escape from the city and human bustle, enjoy the clear sea waves and sunbathing.


By the way, near the village of Kurortnoyeh there is a salty Lake Chokrak (translated from Khyrym Tatar "water spring") with healing mud. The lake width is 3-4 km, the maximum depth is 1.3 m. The northern part of the lake is separated from the Sea of Azov by a spit. The reservoir is fed by underground hydrosulfuric springs with medicinal properties and sea waters.  Adjacent territory is the Lake Chokrak hydrological reserve. The brine and mud of Lake Chokrak are used in treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

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The Arabat spit is also trendy among travelers. It stretches north from the village of Kamenskoyeh. This long spit separates the Sivash Gulf from the Sea of Azov and consists mainly of small seashells. Its length is more than 100 km, and its width is from 270 m to 8 km. People come here to relax, fish, surf, and even improve their health: the waters, as well as the silt of the Sivash, have healing properties.

General's beaches and the Karalar Reserve

And if you like "wild life" romance, evenings around the camp fire with songs to a guitar, azovka dolphins carelessly splashing right near the shore, then go to the famous General's beaches in the Karalar Reserve, between the villages of Kurortnoyeh and Zolotoyeh. Those beaches are also called “the shore of a thousand bays”.

General"s beaches

The length of the beaches along the coast of the Sea of Azov, according to various estimates, ranges from 26 to 30 km. The shore there is covered with soft sand, sometimes small pebbles, the bottom is even, gently sloping to the water. It is ideal to get there by car, having previously packed everything you need for a camping trip. There are no shops and other benefits of civilization on the General's beaches, if there is a need to buy something, you have to go to the nearest village.

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By the way, the picturesque Karalar Natural Park is included in the list of territories that are most important for the preservation of rare bird species. In the Park, ancient human dwellings have been discovered dating back to the Bronze Age, belonging to the Kul-Oba culture and to the times of the Ancient Greek colonization. Now there are routes, eco-trails and recreational facilities for tourists.