We continue to acquaint you with our unique Crimea, showing its beauty on vivid videos. And today we propose to "fly" over the picturesque part of its eastern coast.

So, we present: the ancient town of Sudak, which preserves the heritage of the Genoese, and the small town of Noviy Svet, with which both Prince Golitsyn and Emperor Nicholas II fell in love. Those places able to give their guests positive emotions and a lot of impressions. Because the nature of this region is amazing and inspiring. Soaring Mountains − it seems that you can run up into the sky, green bunches of trees, the waters of the Black Sea shimmering with blue and turquoise, cozy and picturesque bays − all this cannot leave anyone indifferent. There is Alchak promontory "reaching out" to the depths of the sea, the remains of a medieval fortress that embraces the Fortress Mountain, the Mount Sokol between Sudak and Novy Svet, and much, much more.

Here you can spend your leisure time in solitude, in silence, "sip" the repose here leisurely, like an elite wine.  Or you can surrender to the temptation of extreme and take a catamaran to go on a sea trip, or "chase" a boat with a parachute. And whatever you choose, be sure: once you get there, you will definitely be satisfied with the time spent in these nooks and corners!