Summer Yalta. Sun-drenched, immersed in greenery, washed by the Black Sea and as if fenced off from the outside world by a ridge of mountains. Probably, there is no person on earth who has visited Crimea and at the same time has not visited its resort capital.

Yalta is rightfully called "the city of happiness", because when you get there, it seems that this is the place where you should belong. And one wants the time stop, wants to admire the landscapes, walk along the promenade, see all the countless sights, try various Crimean cuisines in a myriad of cafés and restaurants.

And of course, one would want to go to the beach, swim in the gentle sea, sunbathe, read a book, drink a refreshing lemonade or light Crimean wine. In a word, to enjoy. How Yalta lives at the peak of the holiday season − see our photo gallery. And enjoy!