The unique Cape Tarkhankut attracts, first of all, with its pristine nature, majestic rocks, endless steppe and bays with crystal clear sea water. There is no noise, usual for many resorts, but there is silence and an opportunity to seclude oneself. Thanks to this, Tarkhankut has long been famous as the center of the Crimean "wild life".

It seems that even time here flows a little differently − more slowly, but at the same time saturating the leisure with a mass of dizzying emotions and impressions.  Here you can dive into the Black Sea depths, jump into the "Bowl of Love", catch up with the wind on a speedboat, capture shots of incredible vistas to remember them by, and be sure to take a selfie with the symbol of this unbridled land − the Thinker sculpture.

We continue to acquaint you with our beautiful Crimea, and today we offer to watch a video dedicated to Tarkhankut. The video lasts only about a minute, but how impressive and inspiring is what you will see!