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View of Ayu-Dag Mountain
Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Crimea. The nature warmed by the southern sun begins to wake up already at the end of February: young grass breaks out from under the ground, trees gradually blossom and flowers bloom, it becomes warmer day by day. These are perhaps the main incentives for planning a spring escape. And there is always something to do on the peninsula, because the main attractions are open for tourists all year round. And in order for your vacation to be pleasant and eventful, we offer to listen to our advice and take note of what a tourist must do in spring in Crimea. 

1. Reload your body. After a cold winter, which most Russians associate with low mobility and a deficiency of vitamins, it is necessary to improve health and give the body new strength. Crimea, washed by two seas, with its mountain ranges and truly salubrious air, is an ideal place for this. 

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2. Charge from the sea. Breathe in the sea breeze. Yes, in spring it is already quite warm on the peninsula, but in comparison with the holiday season it is still not very crowded, so it’s unlikely that anyone will violate your tête-à-tête with the sea wild. Take a thermos with tea or coffee, sit on the shore, listening to the rustle of the waves, and recapitulate your life. 

Lovers on the sea coast
3. Have an unforgettable picnic. In spring Crimea offers hundreds of different locations for hiking and snacks in the fresh air. It can be secluded lakes, picturesque forest glades or sun-lit beaches − in a word, choose what your heart desires. For example, the Panagia gorge near the village of Zelenogoryeh (between Sudak and Alushta), the Baydar Valley, the beach in Foros, or the lakes hidden in the dense forests in the vicinity of the village of Nauchniy, Bakhchisaray district.  

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4. Make sure personally that better than Crimean mountains can only be… Crimean mountains again. Take a walk to the picturesque slopes, breathe in the clean warm air and, standing on top, enjoy the stunning panorama of the spring Crimea. Breath-taking, beautiful, native land…  

5. Celebrate Victory Day in one of the Crimean hero cities. On the occasion of this national holiday both in Kerch and in Sevastopol large-scale military parades and grandiose cultural events will be organized. You will have a unique opportunity to personally see the power of the national defense army, aviation and navy of the Russian Federation and witness the surge of patriotism the Crimeans feel on this day. 

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Participants in the military parade dedicated to Victory in the Great Patriotic War
6. Enjoy the beauty of rapid waterfalls. It is in spring, when the sun melts the snow on the peaks, the mountain streams and waterfalls are especially beautiful. The water rushing along the picturesque valleys and flowing down the rocky ledges − this spectacle is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Note down, for example, Uçan-Su, Dzhur-Dzhur, Cheremisovskiyeh waterfalls.  

View of the waterfall and ferris wheel in Yalta

7. Admire the blooming of Crimea. It begins in February and lasts several months. First, snowdrops, then crocuses, almonds, peaches, poppies… Crimean spring is full of various colors. Add bright colors to your life, look at the beauty of the surrounding nature and breathe in its delicate aromas. 

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8. And be sure to make vivid photo shoots. This item smoothly follows the previous one: unforgettable photos are obtained in the snowdrop glades in the Crimean mountains, in the flower fields that adorn many places of the peninsula in spring, as well as in the blossoming peach gardens in the Bakhchisaray district.  

Blooming lavender near Ayu-Dag mountain
9. Have some sunbathing. As a rule, it is already quite warm in Crimea from the end of April. The bright sun allows not only to put off outer clothing, but even to sunbathe. In May hundreds of tourists are already "absorbing the sun" on the seashore. They want to decorate themselves with a beautiful, even, and most importantly − safe tan before the summer. Join now! 

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10. Open the swimming season. The warm Crimean sun warms the sea by the end of spring. And in May, with good weather, many people open the swimming season. True, it is unlikely that a full swim and plenty of swimming in the sea will be possible, since the water by this time is warmed up to approximately +17…+19°C (63…66°F), but it is quite possible to plunge in on a hot day. So, when planning a vacation for this time, do not forget bathing suits and swimming trunks. 

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Here, on the hospitable Russian peninsula, each season is good in its own way. At any time of year you can relax comfortably, organize your leisure time or just have the time of your life. So do not hesitate, come and see for yourself.  See you in Crimea! 

Tulips at the Livadia Palace