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A popular actor Sergei Bezrukov during his tour of Crimea visited the sights of the peninsula. Of his impressions he told his subscribers in social networks. He posted several videos and dozens of photos in his accounts on Instagram and Facebook.  

Thus, the actor visited the Holy Trinity Convent in Simferopol

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"Prelate Luke (V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky as a layman) served here… And his relics rest here… Legendary personality, unique man, great surgeon… I am proud that my father − Vitaly Bezrukov − acted as this Great Man in the movie… the biographical film "Luke". I recommend to watch it!", — Bezrukov commented the video. 

After the Holy Trinity temple, he visited the Simferopol Art Museum. And walked through the spacious halls, examined the exhibits and took photos of the picturesque masterpieces as a keepsake.  

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"A wonderful collection… I recommend it, my dears", — he wrote in the comment to his author's photo and video tour.  

Sergey Bezrukov also visited the Khan Palace in Bakhchisaray. As he told his subscribers, this was not his first visit to a cult place, but since then a lot of time has passed and he decided to refresh his memories. 

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"Bakhchisaray… I have not been here since school. Again I visited… Remember Pushkin? The Bakhchisaray Fountain… At the moment, preparations for restoration are underway and it will be a kind of fairy tale.  Recommend!!!! In high season, of course, as it’s rather chilly now", — the actor wrote. 

As it was mentioned, Sergei Bezrukov brought to the peninsula his musical and poetic performance "Hooligan’s Confession", where he performs the verses of Sergei Yesenin and songs on his lyrics.