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It became known the residents of which countries most often come to Crimea on vacations
Winter in Crimea travel service analysts analyzed the demand for travel during the May holidays and found out where the Russians want to go most. Crimea is on top in the list of popular destinations, the press service of the service informed. 

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So, the five most popular routes are:  Moscow — Simferopol, Moscow — Sochi, Moscow — Kaliningrad, Petersburg — Kaliningrad, Petersburg — Simferopol. At the same time, 11.4% of tourists will travel from the Russian capital to the Crimean capital, and 3% from the northern capital (Petersburg) to Simferopol. The tourist flow compared to the past year increased in both directions. 

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Sergey Bezrukov
Experts add that the average spending for the May holidays of 2020 in Russia grew by 9%. A return ticket for the May holidays from Moscow to Simferopol will cost 11,388 rubles ($ 180), from St. Petersburg to Sevastopol – 16,080 ($ 250).