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Early booking of tours to Crimea this summer started in November 2019. Crimean accommodation facilities prepared their offers for the next season in advance, and it resulted in a successful start, − according to the press service of the Association of Russian Tour Operators. From late January to early March, tour operators expect surge of demand.

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Crimean coast
"It is true that in previous years we used to get price proposals for hotel accommodation on the peninsula only by February or March of the current year, but now the situation has changed for the better. Now Crimean hoteliers begin to offer prices for the next season before the end of the current one, which has a positive effect on sales", — Intourist company added in their comment.

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According to ATOR, this year the volume of early sales of tours to Crimea grew up by 40%. If this dynamics continues, tour operators will be able to sell a quarter of all summer tours to Crimea before the start of the high season. Moreover, in general, the cost of vacation on the peninsula this year remained at the level of the past season. Experts note minor fluctuations − within 10-15%.

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"The most common reason for the price increase is a result of the hotels renovation. Without exception, all tourists want to receive decent service, to see improvement of the hotel infrastructure, because the Crimean hotels have to compete not only with their neighbors, but also with other resorts of the Russian Federation and other countries. Russian tourists became more fastidious, therefore, Crimean hotels are ready to change according to their requests", — Intourist company explains.

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View of the South Coast
As for the popularity of the peninsula regions, the South Coast still retains leadership. And throughout the peninsula there remains a demand for family tourism and recreation.

In general, ATOR experts predict an increase in tourist flow to Crimea. According to preliminary estimates, this year up to 7.9 million guests will spend their vacations in Crimea.

"I think we can count on an increase in tourist flow by 5-7% per year", — said Sergey Romashkin, CEO of Dolphin company.

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As reported, in 2019 the region was visited by 7.43 million tourists.

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