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And we shall you a good few of options for a non-banal celebration of the coming New Year in Crimea.

Crimea offers a lot of ideas for those who want to unforgettably spend this amazing winter holiday. And so that you could choose the most interesting option for yourself in due time, the Crimea Travel Portal has compiled a selection list where on the peninsula you may celebrate the 2020 New Year in unusual and even slightly extremal way. 

In the snow-covered mountains 

Fresh mountain air, dazzling snow-drifts, a sky dotted with stars − the New Year celebration on Chatyr-Dag Mountain will be remembered as your most romantic and exciting adventure. They accommodate guests at a tourist base on the lower plateau of the mountain at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. Since the road is snow-covered in winter and it is not possible to reach the tourist base unattended, the organizers will rent an off-road GAZ-66 4WD truck for vacationers.  

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It’s hard to think of a more active and useful pastime: a skiing track (and everyone who wants are instructed how to ski and to ride a snowboard), a 300-meter surface ski lift, team games in the open air, excursions to the Tysyachegolovaya and Kholodnaya caves. You can even organize a festive program down in the caves, if you really fall into exotic drive.  

And although the New Year's Eve party is planned to be simple and not refined, but its participants on the night of January 1 will go to the mountain top to admire the fireworks. 

As for the price of this snowy fairy tale, it is formed depending on the selected room for accommodation and for the entire period of stay at the tourist base from December 31 to January 2. For example, for one bed in a room for two you will have to pay: about 9 thousand rubles ($ 140), and about 8 thousand rubles ($ 123) in a room for three. 

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Another winter fair is promised to those who decide to celebrate the New Year at the hunting bases on Ai-Petri plateau. The style of celebration, in general, is the same: festivities, daily trips to the mountains, tobogganing, skiing and snowboarding, barbecue parties, New Year's Eve banquet with contests from Santa Claus, fireworks over Yalta. The price of a three-day holiday is from 10 thousand rubles ($ 155) per person.  

At the observatory

The Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in the village of Na’uchny in the Bakhchisaray district invites guests from December 28 to January 3, that is − for the whole week. Indeed, observing the stars must not be in haste, and the weather should be suitable. 

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"You will observe the brightest nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and planets with the help of large telescopes, visit the main telescopes of the observatory with excursions, and take part in astrophotography master classes", — the organizers promise.  

Accommodation is offered in a 3-storey hotel on the premises of the Observatory. The price for the entire period is from 20 thousand rubles ($ 310), depending on the room, and it also includes all excursions to the Observatory, lectures and master classes.  But the New Year's Eve banquet is paid separately. 

In the camp for slimming 

It would seem that a New Year's tableful and weight loss are incompatible. When Russian mayonnaise salad is followed with a cream cake, the extra pounds literally stick to the waist… However, the owners of a unique fitness camp in the village of Beregovoyeh near Theodosia are convinced that a real holiday is possible without indulging in harmful food and alcohol. 

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What do they offer? Hotel accommodation near the sea, a balanced diet, a diverse fitness program, SPA, excursions to places of natural force. On a New Year's Eve, the main course will be, of course, not food delicacies, but jive dances until the morning − for example, boogie-woogie. You will not notice how you lose weight in this vortex of positive emotions. A beautiful slim figure is worth paying about 25 thousand rubles ($ 385) for this holiday, isn’t it? 

In the eco-estate bath

A picturesque country estate hided away in a forest of the Simferopol district. It is considered an ideal option for fans of eco-tourism. Here, in the midst of pine trees and incredible coniferous aromas, you may completely forget about city bustle. 

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Guests stay in comfortable eco-friendly rooms with wooden finishing. One of the proposed "baits" is the Russian bath. It is where you can relax in steam on a New Year's Eve in the company of your close friends. 

In addition to the services of the bath complex offered on a New Year's Eve, there are other interesting things:  a show of knights (a real knight’s yard is there on the territory), a fire show, a festive banquet accompanied by live music. 

The banquet price is 3,500 rubles ($ 55) per person. A long-lasting celebration − from December 30 to January 14 − will be 35 thousand rubles ($ 550) per person. 

Under water and in the air 

Have you long been dreaming of dancing around a New Year tree… under water? The diving center in Sevastopol is ready to make such a dream come true. But, on condition that you have already taken at least minimal training and have experience in diving. And one more thing:  novice divers usually dive to a depth of 5-7 meters, while an elegant New Year tree is fixed at a depth of 10-12 meters, comfortable for experienced divers, where sea waves are not felt. 

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According to the organizers of the New Year's Eve diving from a boat in Balaclava, it usually takes place not on a New Year's Eve proper, but on December 23-29. The water temperature is expected to be +12°C (53°F). The entire underwater event will take from 20 to 50 minutes, and you can even drink champagne under water!  After that a small group of participants arrange an improvised party right on the boat – with the food taken with them.  The cost of a New Year's dive does not differ from the usual − 2-2.5 thousand rubles ($ 30-40), plus 500 rubles ($ 8) per photo. Equipment rent is 1,200 rubles ($ 20).

And if you are drawn up to the sky, try paragliding in tandem with an instructor. If weather permits, you can fly even on December 31, taking with you elements of a costume of Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden and a bottle of champagne (you will drink it after landing).  Photography, by the way, is included. The price depends on a category of flight. For example, the category "Light" – at the villages of Kacha, Stroganovka and Mount Klementyeva − is 3 thousand rubles ($ 46) for 15 minutes flight. And to fly a total of 40 minutes over Ai-Petri (category "Max") will cost 8 thousand rubles ($ 123).