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Crimea’s therapeutic mud and silted estuaries
Crimea’s therapeutic mud and silted estuaries
Even inhaling the healing aroma with the notes of salty sea and coniferous trees is good, and if you add to the climate therapy a professionally chosen health recuperation program, then you will leave Crimea as a completely renewed person, with new strength and excellent mood. 

Most people who care about their health prefer to go on vacation in the velvet season. In this period the heat, that can exhaust body, has already gone, and the sun generously gives its warmth to the residents and guests of the peninsula. Its rays no longer carry the danger of burns, so you can bask in the sun without risk to health. 

Climatotherapy >>

By the way, speaking of health. Crimea is a truly ideal place to renew your body. Here are all conditions for this along with the unique climatic factors. Health resorts, boarding houses and spa hotels offer their individual programs of health improvement and treatment. So you can strengthen your body during the vacation, as they say, combine health-giving with pleasure. 

What kinds of disorders are treated in Crimea 

Crimean boarding houses, large hotels, health centers and health resorts abound in offers for treatment and health improvement. It’s important to know that treatment and health improvement are not the same and to understand the difference. The health improvement involves general strengthening of the body, based on proper nutrition, moderate physical activity and procedures. It can be carried out directly in a boarding house or hotel, and for this special medical care and prescriptions are not required − the vacationer can choose the procedures as he wishes. 

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For example, wellness procedures include massage, swimming, aromatherapy, climate therapy, therapeutic baths, sauna bath, body wraps, oxygen cocktails, and more. All of them have a general strengthening effect on the body, temper it and add strength and energy. 

Hydrotherapy bath

Children’s health treatments at Crimean resorts >>

As for treatment, it involves prescriptions of a specialist, a treatment course and strict adherence to medical recommendations. Here you need an accurate diagnosis and a health resort with a specific medicinal profile. Crimea is rich in health resorts, their specializations are very different. For example, here they successfully treat diseases of the respiratory tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system and many others.  

Where to go for medicinal treatment 

Most of health-resorts on the peninsula operate year-round and are very popular among Russians and foreigners. Many of them, having tested the course of treatment here once, repeat it every year, and autumn is a very suitable time for this. Therefore, availability of accommodations in a particular healthcare institution should be checked in advance.  

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Crimea the great healer
Crimea the great healer
The profile of health resort depends, inter alia, on their location. Each region of the peninsula has its own characteristics, which also makes it possible to treat certain diseases there. So, for example, for the prophylaxis and treatment of organs of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems it is recommended to go to the resorts of the South Coast of Crimea. These are Alushta, Yalta, Alupka, Miskhor and others. Health resorts in Saki are famous for the successful treatment of people with various disorders in the musculoskeletal system. By the way, it is the cities of western Crimea that are considered the best for mud therapy and balneological procedures. 

Mud Wrap Session

Health improvement in Crimea 

Crimean cities and towns gained the fame of health resorts several centuries ago. The unique natural and climatic characteristics of the region contribute to the emergence of more and more spa centers. Today, the peninsula is rightfully considered one of the leading destinations for healing and health improvement.  

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Suffer from insomnia? Feel constant fatigue, muscle pain? Want to improve complexion and to make face lifting?  Thinking about detox? Then go to Crimea. Dream of making your body insensitive to cold so that the season of respiratory diseases does not turn into a nightmare for you? The answer is the same − it's time to go to Crimea. It is not difficult to find a hotel or a boarding house with a course of health improvement in Crimea. 

Today most health resorts offer a variety of procedures to improve the internal and external health of the body. There are both classic and individual programs, taking into account the wishes of the tourist. Even a few days is good for health, but most experts recommend devoting at least two weeks to this for the best effect. 

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Summary. In the off-season treatment and health improvement in Crimea has its advantages due to the fact that here it is not only medications that matter, but also the unique local natural healing factors. Among them are real "Crimean Healers": landscape therapy, climatotherapy, aerotherapy, speleotherapy, mud therapy, balneotherapy, clinical nutrition and others. And all this combined with beautiful weather and the wide possibilities of cultural and educational tourism, make the peninsula one of the best destinations in Russia for improving health in off-season.