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According to the press service of Simferopol International Airport, from March 31 to October 26 the air harbor received 4.1 million passengers, which is 40.4 thousand more than last year. 

"In 2019 flights from Simferopol Airport were made by 19 airlines to 56 destinations. At the peak of the holiday season more than 200 flights arrived to and departed from the peninsula air harbor daily which is 30 thousand passengers a day. The largest peak in passenger traffic in the spring and summer period was reached on August 10. On this day, daily traffic amounted to more than 34 thousand people, which was an absolute record for the past three years", — the press service informed. 

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In addition, during this period, flights to Petrozavodsk, Bryansk, Elista and Saransk were first launched from Simferopol. Also, in the holiday season of 2019, the airport scored the record number of charter flights arrivals and departures − 676, which transported 195.6 thousand passengers to Crimea and back, which is 30% more than last year. Those indicators have become a record in the recent history of the Simferopol Airport.  

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"In the past spring and summer season, thanks to cooperation with our airline partner companies, we were able to further expand the route network of flights. The frequency of flights to existing destinations has increased significantly. Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, Nordwind and Globus airlines became the leaders in the transportation of air travelers to and from Crimea. The most popular flight destinations were Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Kazan", — said Evgeniy Plaksin, Director General of the Simferopol International Airport, LLC.  

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As it was added in the air harbor of Crimea, since June the airport was one of the first in Russia to introduce electronic boarding passes for passengers. In addition, a special procedure was introduced for servicing organized children's groups separately from the main passenger flow. A similar service was provided for the groups of people with limited mobility and charter flights.  

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"The introduction of digital technologies and new procedures has significantly reduced the time for servicing passengers and air liners this season. At the peak of the season registration of a passenger with baggage took 43 seconds on average, and the duration of the pre-flight check-in did not exceed three minutes. The most frequently used narrow-body air liners were fully serviced in only 45 minutes, the wide-body Boeing 747 − in 90 minutes, and the small Bombardier CRJ200 − in 20 minutes. Baggage claim and delivery also accelerated. According to the new standards, baggage delivery begins no later than 15 minutes after the aircraft arrived at the parking lot", — it was noted at the Simferopol Airport.