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At the Theodosia Central City A.Grin Library on December 9 at 14.00 an innovative social project "City Philosophy − Historical Space. The library is the access point" will be presented. All visitors will learn how to create "pocket" stories about the city, the age of which is more than 25 centuries. 

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"A pocket story is a walking tour of Theodosia, which, in fact, is performed by your smartphone (it is usually in your pocket and hence the name). During the presentation, we will show our first walking audio tour "Theodosia − Museum City", created on the free platform for travelers IZI.TRAVEL. Everyone will be able to follow our example and create their own audio tours, the best of which will be uploaded on this platform in the spring of 2020. It means that participation in this project will be for everyone a small experience in developing the tourism potential of Theodosia", — as the library staff told the Crimea Travel Portal. 

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What is the first audio walking tour "Theodosia − Museum City", which is already available for review? It consists of four attractions. Tourists are offered to get acquainted with the lapidary yard of the Theodosia Museum of Antiquities and its famous lions, to learn the history of the monument to Aivazovsky, admire the "Brigantine" panel of the Theodosia A.Grin Museum and find out why the medieval tower of the city bears the name of Constantine. 

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The first thing a tourist sees opening a tour in the mobile audio guide, is a summary − to understand whether the tour is interesting for him or not. Next go attractions (tour objects), geographical coordinates and the trigger zone − a virtual border of a particular attraction. As soon as the tourist enters this zone, the story about this object automatically starts.  

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Those inspired by the presentation, who decide to create an audio tour of their own will be provided with special instruction materials. The finalized projects should be posted on the Internet before April 1.  Presentation of the participants' works and rewarding of the winners will be held at the All-Russian action "Biblio Night".  

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And already in May, residents and guests of Kafa (the name of Theodosia in the 10-15 centuries) will be able to get acquainted with the best "pocket" stories after installation of the application on their smartphones from the Internet.  "You go − we tell" − this is the slogan of the Theodosia project.