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"Many Russian tourists are only now discovering the beauty of the cave world. And they find it interesting there! Comfortable when it's summer heat on the surface. If you want to cool off and be surprised − get acquainted with the unusual caves of the South of Russia," the experts noted.

Thus, the Marble Cave − one among the most unusual caves − is near Simferopol. "It is deep, but it is in the mountains at an altitude of 920 meters. The Marble Cave is full of bizarre crystals and even a Stalactite Forest. The internal "furnishing" has remained unchanged, as well as the wonderful acoustics. They organize concerts there. By the way, the air temperature is about + 9 degrees even in summer, so jackets are given at the entrance," the experts said.

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Another cave in the rating is also near the Crimean capital. It is Emineh-Bair-Khosar (or Mammoth Cave). It has five levels, the first at a depth of 30 meters, the deepest at 180 meters. On the walls of this cave you can see unique multi-colored sediments and incrustations that form frozen waterfalls and stone fountains.

The list also includes the Red Cave (Kyzyl-Koba) near the village of Perevalnoyeh, Simferopol district. It is, by the way, the record holder of Crimea in terms of its dimensions. The length of its caverns is over 15 kilometers long and 145 meters height. Its walls are of red limestone. Several halls of the cave are flooded, so not only cavers, but also divers love it.

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In addition, the list includes two caves in the Krasnodar Territory. These are the Akhshtyrskaya cave in Adler and the Vorontsovskaya cave in the Khosta district. The first consists of a narrow and low corridor and vast halls (their height is up to 10 meters); drawings of the first cave dwellers have been preserved on the walls. The second cave is a system of underground galleries, halls, grottoes, tunnels and passages. The height difference is up to 240 meters, the total length is almost 12 kilometers.