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"The Ethnographic Center tells the story of the centuries-old life of Armenians in Crimea.  Its mission is promotion and preservation of the historical and cultural monuments, as well as make the residents and guests of the peninsula aware of the rich historical, spiritual and cultural heritage of the Armenian people", — he said.

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There are exhibitions here, both indoors and outdoors. Thus, on the first and second floors of the museum, showcases with kitchen utensils, household items, women's and men's ethnic clothes of different periods, as well as weaving tools will be presented. Also, the guests will see a bibliographic collection, including rare books.

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It will be no less interesting in the yard of the Ethnographic Center. A khachkar, an Armenian architectural shrine, is a stone stele with a carved image of a cross. It was brought from a church in the Belogorsk District. Near it everyone can light a candle in memory of the departed Armenians.

Household items and cultural heritage objects of Armenians, and even real Armenian tandoor, where genuine Armenian bread will be baked − all this is only a part of what the center will be filled with. There will be a creamery, a wooden cart, and much more. By the way, guests will be able not only to look at the exhibits, but also to see them in action: visitors will be shown various types of crafts, from pottery to oil extraction.

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"We will make interesting interactive excursions, thanks to which guests can not only learn, but also see with their own eyes how, for example, a potter works, a genuine Armenian lavash is baked. We have such ideas. Our center will be open to all tourists and local residents, we expect that this will happen before the end of this year", — Stanislav Yan summed up.

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He also added that the ethnographic center of Armenian culture will also become a platform for various festive events, meetings and performances. On its spacious territory a stage is installed for this.