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Victory! − Sevastopol Officer's Great Ball: program and participants
Sevastopol Officer's Great Ball
The main value of any event of this kind is, of course, music. This year Pyotr Tchaikovsky music will be the headline, performed by the symphony orchestra of the Crimean State Philharmonic. However, in addition to classical masterpieces, guests will hear a lot of new music, even non-standard for a ball.

Ballet dancers from London and Munich will come to Sevastopol >>

"Every year we make new music arrangements for the symphony orchestra. Especially for the ball we create something unique that has never sounded anywhere else.  We are also looking for new solutions when drawing up a dance program. This year we have prepared a lot of surprises. For example, a gypsy dance will be performed, various quadrilles, we will show tango and foxtrot, — Dmitry Platov unveiled the secrets a little. – In general, the entire program in 2020 is built on praising of victory as such from completely different angles − the victory of life, love, a victory of man over himself. Our ball is a feat of culture as a symbiosis of creativity of dancers and musicians. Thus, we want to demonstrate what Crimea deserves. And it deserves to be the tourist flagship of Russia".

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The artistic director added that representatives of all the country's navy fleets − the Black Sea, Pacific, Baltic, Northern, as well as the Caspian flotilla, gather at the ball. Moreover, civil couples from all over Russia will be dancing together with the officers' couples. In her turn, Yekaterina Grafodatskaya, the hostess of the event, spoke about the most romantic tradition of the Sevastopol ball − making a marriage proposal during it.

"The ball is a symbol of life − peaceful and prosperous, it is a metaphor for love. And this tradition is pure romance. By the way, about 40 children have already been born to the couples who met at our ball or announced their decision to get married", — Ekaterina Grafodatskaya revealed the secret.

According to her, there are many balls in the world, this is becoming a trend, but the uniqueness of the Sevastopol ball is precisely in the fact that it brings together officer and civilian couples.

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"Sevastopol still carries a great message to the world, it knows the price of life, the price of culture. Therefore, the ball that was born here has a deep meaning, serves as a platform for uniting the military and civilians, who forged the Victory together. The essence of the event is an appeal to the officer as an impersonator of nobility, honor, dignity, respect for woman, in order to strengthen all these values in our time. I would be very much eager to welcome the whole world to the ball", — the project manager summed up.

Let us remind you that this year the Great Sevastopol Officer Ball will be held on September 27 on the square of the Mikhailovskaya Coastal Battery. Traditionally, the world's only Military Ballroom Parade will take place − an welcoming ceremony of the military and civil society in the style of ballroom dancing. Anyone can take part in the event. Detailed conditions of participation are on the project website.

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