The experts analyzed tickets sales for the period from September 1 to October 15, and found out that the most popular transports among the Crimean guests are plane and train.

By plane

Thus, the first among the TOP-10 of the most popular air destinations for September and the first half of October is the Moscow − Simferopol route. Then there are Sochi and Anapa routes (also with departure from the Russian capital). On the 4th place there is St. Petersburg – Simferopol route.

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According to the analysts, traveling to seaside resorts this velvet season has become cheaper than the last year. Thus, average ticket price from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the Crimean capital fell by 10-11%.

"If last year round-trip ticket price from Moscow was 10,861 rubles ($ 145), this year the price is 9,621 rubles ($ 128). The average ticket price from St. Petersburg to Simferopol last year was 15,035 rubles ($ 200), and this velvet season it is 13,570 rubles ($ 180)", — the analysts explained.

By train

In the TOP-10 popular railway routes the Moscow — Simferopol trains occupied the third line, and mind, they were not in the ranking list last year because the railway route across the Crimean Bridge was opened only in December 2019. The average one way ticket price for this route amounted to 5961 rubles ($ 79.50). The first places in the ranking list took Moscow — St. Petersburg and Moscow — Anapa routes.

By bus

But bus transportation, according to analysts, is no longer so popular among the Crimean guests as before because of the railway transportation to the peninsula. And the reduction in air flights fare was another reason. Thus, the Moscow − Simferopol bus route dropped from 2nd place to 28th, and Moscow − Theodosia bus route became number 33 instead of number 3.

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And the top three leaders are Moscow − Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg − Staraya Russa and Moscow − Taganrog.

The service also recalled that, according to a survey conducted in the early August, one third of tourists this year chose air flights. The second most popular are electric trains: 24% of respondents, who voted for this option, will highly likely not plan long trips this year and will explore the land of their residence. Train closes the top three: it was chosen by 17% of the survey respondents. This year, 10% of respondents have traveled or are planning to travel to their place of vacations by car. 

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