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A photo of the summer landscape on the Ai-Petri mountain top, taken by TASS photojournalist Sergei Malgavko, was included in the list of the best photographs of tourist places in 2019. The selection was published in the CNN travel section of the American media corporation. 

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"The brave men cross the suspension bridge connecting the two peaks of Ai-Petri mountain, the place is considered one of the most windy in the region", — the description of the photograph says. 

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"This year in summer I was shooting a traditional report on holidays in Crimea and visited the Ai-Petri peaks. I love this place, and I am sure to bring here all of my relatives who come to me as guests. And the photo itself… nothing in particular, not the most revealing subject, such snaps are shot by many. In general, I think that the pictures were selected not for any outstanding photographic properties, but simply just to show the most beautiful and iconic places in the world. There is no special achievement of mine in it. This is a blessing of God and the nature", — Sergey Malgavko frankly told the Crimea travel portal. 

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According to him, suspension bridges on Ai-Petri are in great demand among tourists. There is always a line of people who want to walk over the abyss. That is why close attention is paid to safety: safety belts, safety helmets. Sergei himself has not yet tried an extreme attraction, but his wife, "of fearful nature", decided to risk and was pleased. 

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In total, CNN editors selected 122 best photographs from around the world. 

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Unique suspension bridges appeared on Ai-Petri in May 2015. Their length is about 45 meters, the height from the cliffs is 50-60 meters and the total height is more than 1,200 meters above sea level. Two bridges are equipped with special steel cables to withstand loads with a tenfold safety margin. Climbing equipment is used to pass the bridges.