The entrance to the peninsula is open. You can enter there across the Crimean bridge. And for free. You will not have to present any documents and anti-Covid QR codes. Useful information for tourists who are in Crimea today is available here.

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View of Yalta
By the way, the bridge length is 19 kilometers. It connects the Crimean and Taman peninsulas. Car traffic was launched across it on May 16, 2018. It takes about 20 minutes (depending on the time of year and weather). And if you find yourself on the bridge at night, you can also admire the bright illumination:  at night the arches (there are two of them on the bridge) shine with the colors of the Russian flag. More than three thousand lamps glare as the tricolor. The arches are 35 meters over the water, the span of them is 185 meters.

The duration of the trip to Crimea by car depends on your starting point. For example, from Moscow to Kerch you need to drive 1.5 thousand km, from St. Petersburg − 2.2 thousand km, from Kazan − 1.9 thousand km, from Samara − 1.7 thousand km, and from Krasnodar − 227 km. And the travel time will depend on many factors:  the traffic intensity, the speed of your travel, the weather, etc.

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More interesting facts about the travel can be found here. And here it is explained what can and what cannot be done on the bridge.

Having passed the bridge, you will find yourself on the main transport ‘artery’ of Crimea − the Tavrida federal highway. It is also toll-free. And then you can go anywhere in the peninsula. By the way, the nearest city where you can stop is Kerch.

Traveling by car means freedom of choice and freedom of action. You can build a new route every day, discover something new again and again. And we will help you make an interesting trip. To do this, in the Crimea Guide section we tell you about the places you can visit while traveling by car between the regions of the peninsula, and what to see in one or two days in the cities. For example, there are car traveler’s guides from the Crimean bridge to Simferopol, from Yalta to Sevastopol, selections of unusual places and guides to resort towns and villages. Popular and little-known places, majestic palaces and unique museums, picturesque natural landscapes and much more. All this is in Crimea. Choose the places you want to see and go on for the impressions!

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