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View of the coast of Alushta
One thing should be mentioned right away: do not try to grasp at immensity − you will not be able to see everything in one travel. Therefore, it is better to think over the route for this vacation in advance. These can be trips within one region, for example, the South Coast, or a series of active trips around Crimea. And if you are not planning to look at popular palaces, parks, museums, but are keen on nature and the most secluded, but interesting, repose, then take note of our 'must see'.

Tash-Dzhargan view point

Where: Simferopol district, Levadki village.  

How to get there: drive along the Simferopol-Bakhchisaray highway, turn left in the village of Levadki, pass it through to the end and then continue straight by the earth road. The beauty will be right in front of you.  

The picturesque view point is in the heart of the main Crimean mountain range. On one side there is a mountain of the same name − Tash-Dzhargan, and on the other side there is a panorama of the valley, the foothills, the Partizanskoyeh water reservoir and a rocky marquee of the Chatyr-Dag mountain in the background.

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Tourist at Cape Kapchik
There are historic traces of the Taurians and Scythians. But the main magnet of this place is not places of their dwelling, but fabulous scenery. Rocks, reforestation woods, the "hole cavern” and picturesque cliffs are all worth seeing.

A tourist is photographed in the Tash-Dzhargan tract

Kachi-Kalion cave monastery

Where: Bakhchisaray district, the Kacha river valley.

How to get there: the easiest way is to go from the city of Bakhchisaray towards the village of Sinapnoyeh. After driving 7-8 km, in the area of the Predushchelnoyeh village, you can stop and walk up the path. Additional landmarks are not needed, in the outlines of the surrounding mountains and overhanging cliffs you can easily see the destination − Kachi-Kalion rock.  

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View of the Crimean coast
This is a medieval cave monastery of St. Anastasia the Pharmakolytria, which dates its history, presumably, from the 6th-8th centuries. There are preserved Greek crosses carved in the cells of the monastery, characteristic of that period. The monastery, revered by Russian tsars, survived during the times of the Crimean Khanate. It existed until the end of the 18th century and then it became deserted, but was revived several times after. Along with an interesting history, it amazes with its natural beauty. There are five grottoes there, each one worth seeing. And here, in one of the caves, there is a unique temple in the name of St. Anastasia the Pharmakolytria, the decoration of which is made of beads.  It is active and we will talk about it below.  


Mountain secluded monastery and bead-decorated temple of St. Anastasia  

Where: Bakhchisaray district, Bashtanovka village − the slope of Mount Fytski.

How to get there: drive from Bakhchisaray along the road towards the village of Sinapnoyeh; after entering the village of Predushchelnoyeh follow the road to the village store and the House of Culture (they are on the left). Turn off the road to the left and then immediately to the right, move along the country road for 5 km and you will see the monastery.

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A family is walking along the Yalta embankment
The temple is the central part of the St. Anastasia the Pharmakolytria monastery. The monastery itself is a small cave dwelling belonging to the Holy Dormition Monastery. There are cozy cells with carved wooden shutters, a mini-library, a hotel for pilgrims and a monastery garden. Every wall here is a work of art, from floor to ceiling. Everything is decorated with mosaics, beads and multi-colored stones. The temple has a special decoration: the ceiling, walls, icons, icon lamps are made of multi-colored beads and bead embroideries, shimmering with thousands of lights. This is a unique Orthodox monastery of its kind, a place of spiritual force.  

Bead-decorated temple of St. Anastasia

Baydarskaya valley and Baydar gate  

Where: Balaklava district of Sevastopol.

How to get there: you can go there both from Yalta and from Sevastopol. Find the village Tylovoyeh or Orlinoyeh in your navigator and move towards it. Mountain heights covered with forests are visible right away. Therefore, you can go for a walk or ride along the old Sevastopol road.  

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View of the Yalta embankmen
So, the Baydarskaya valley is on the South Coast of Crimea, between Simeïz and Sevastopol, at a short distance and elevation from the sea. Once an old road from Sevastopol to the southern coast of Crimea passed through the valley, but now it is just a mountain road in a very beautiful mountainous area, which is sometimes also called Crimean Switzerland. It is decorated with the famous Baydar Gate − a mountain pass crowned with a massive arch. A fabulous view of the valley and the village of Foros opens up from there, so the arch is sometimes called the "gateway to the South Coast".

Baydarskaya valley

"Starfall of Memories"

Where: Mount Koklyuk near the village of Koktebel in the east of Crimea.

How to get there: by car, go along the Theodosia-Sudak highway (turn off near the Nanikovo village) or along the Simferopol-Theodosia road (drive through the Otvazhnoyeh village). The white colonnade will serve as a landmark – it is visible from afar.

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The Swallow's Nest
The rotunda was built in 1956 and was then called the "Rotunda of Winds". It is a small colonnade of three white columns, made in antique style.  From there a panoramic view of the sea, the Agarmysh mountain range and the Koktebel valley opens up. So when traveling to the southeast of the peninsula, be sure to stop by there for vivid emotions and beautiful photographs.  

View of the surroundings of Koktebel from the "Starfall of Memories" rotunda

Stone Mushrooms of Sotera Gully

Where: Greater Alushta, Sotera gully

How to get there: drive from Alushta in direction of Sudak to the village of Rybachyeh. At the 16th km of the road, turn left and drive up a country road. Further, a pointer or navigator will help you find the path.  

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Yalta port
Natural landmark "Stone mushrooms" is a wonder of nature created by rocks, wind and water. It is one of the natural attractions of the South Coast. Once upon a time, the "hats" – stone slabs − lay on the ground. Streams of water from the mountains gradually eroded the surface, flowing around the "legs" of the mushrooms, and, thus, two of them reached a height of 5-7 meters. Not far from the "mushrooms" is the Geyser waterfall. In short, picturesque places for walking in the fresh air.

Stone Mushrooms

As you can see, there are also a lot of amazing places hidden from the main mass of tourists in Crimea. And those described by us, in fact, are only a small part of them. As many believe, a lifetime is not enough to get to know the whole Crimea. But there is much more to see when traveling by car.

And the final tip: do not visit any places just for "check list", because they are in top of the fashion. Listen to yourself, select your desires and choose what you really like. In Crimea you can always find what you need.