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When the New Year hurly-burly is over, it's time to go for a portion of good mood. Moreover, in January in Crimea − as always − there will be something to do and where to go. We shall tell you about what concerts and whose tours should not be missed in January.  

"Good evening to everybody!" 

A lot of generous humor and bright unforgettable stories await the Crimean audience at the "Good evening to everybody!" play. Six incredibly charismatic characters invite Crimeans and guests of the peninsula to witness hilariously funny events that are possible only after a merry celebration.  

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The play is performed by the favorite theater and cinema actors: Alexander Baluev, Agrippina Steklova, Daria Mikhailova, Svetlana Belskaya, Alexey Medvedev and Vladimir Vinogradov.  

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Audience will be able to see the play on January 3 and 6 at the State Academic Musical Theater of Simferopol, on January 4 − at the Pushkin Theater in Eupatoria, on January 5 − in the Palace of Culture of Fishermen in Sevastopol. 

Concert of Sergey Penkin

The festive mood will be extended by the tour of a unique singer, known for his unique voice with a range of four octaves. Sergey Penkin will give concerts for the Crimeans and guests of the peninsula. His concert is like a real performance, the singer appears before the audience in the most unexpected images, fascinating everyone with his unusual costumes.  

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So, on January 4, Penkin will perform at the Fishermen's Palace of Culture in Sevastopol, on January 5 − at the Crimean Musical Theater in Simferopol, on January 6 − at the Chekhov Theater in Yalta.

"Cry of the Soul" of singer Slava 

The star kaleidoscope will continue with the performance of the Russian singer Slava. She also comes to evoke bright emotions in the Crimean audience with her "Cry of the Soul" big solo concert. The new program is a glaring and grandiose show, which is designed to fully reveal the creative work of the popular singer and show her in her new and interesting images. 

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It will be possible to enjoy the performance of Slava in the three Crimean cities. So, on January 7, the singer will perform in the Korabel Palace in Kerch, on January 8 − in the State Academic Musical Theater of Simferopol, on January 9 − in the Palace of Culture of Fishermen in Sevastopol.

The "Sumi-Show" of the People’s Singer on the Internet

The performance of the music artist Yaroslav Sumishevsky will add color to the days of January. He is often called the "Internet Phenomenon" or "People’s Singer on the Internet". And all this − thanks to his unique voice with incredibly beautiful timbre and his irresistible charm.

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Together with his Makhor-Band group, he is actively touring the country. They have already performed concerts in more than 120 cities. And at the end of January the singer brings his "Sumi-Show" program to Crimea. From January 26 to January 28 he will perform in Sevastopol, Simferopol and Kerch.  

"Jewish Kind of Happiness" from the masters of theater and cinema 

A real fountain of emotions will give the Crimeans the "Jewish Kind of Happiness" play, performed by the starring constellation of famous actors, sparkling humor and a portion of good mood. Viewers will see interesting and adventurous twists of fate in the life of one family, which unexpectedly refused to follow the fate, but made a sharp turn. Starring the famous Russian actors Tatyana Vasilyeva, Alexei Chadov, Tatyana Orlova, Igor Pismenny and Alexander Andriyenko. 

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Crimean audience will see premieres from January 31 to February 2. On the last day of January, residents of the Crimean capital will be able to watch that performance at the State Academic Musical Theater. Well, in the next two days enjoy the dizzying play of your favorite actors in Sevastopol and Yalta.