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The railway station of Sevastopol is one of the main transport hubs of the hero city. Like its Simferopol "sister-station" it resumed receiving trains from the mainland on December 25. This event has been awaited for a long time and the station has been thoroughly prepared for it − a beautifully renovated and maintained station welcomes guests warmly.  

The conductor at the station of Sevastopol

Station complex

The present station building was erected in 1950 by the architect Bogoyavlensky. During the construction, parts of the old building walls with arched windows were preserved and a number of new elements were added. For example, the roof was completely reconstructed, decorated with a small tower, porticoes added, two-story outbuildings attached on both sides.  Now it is a small, snow-white handsome station, a landmark of the city center.  

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To get to the territory of the station from the city, you must go through the metal detectors and your luggage must be x-rayed at the security checkpoint, which is in a separate one-story building on the right. Then you need to walk a few meters to the main entrance − and you are already inside. The exit to the platform is directly on the opposite side of the building, so if you are in a hurry to the trains, then go straight through.  

The building of the railway station of Sevastopol

The scheme is the opposite for arriving passengers: from the platform you can go through the station to the exit or go straight from the platform to the overpass leading to the bus stop. This option is suitable for those who knows at least a little how to orient in the city. It is convenient and time-saving: a few minutes − and you are already in the city trolleybus or minibus.  

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Now about the train station complex. It includes the station building, passenger platforms, suburban ticket offices, lounges (regular and more comfortable ones), as well as a left-luggage office. Ticket sales offices are nearby.  

Information plates at the station of Sevastopol

The station building itself is small, but there is everything the passengers may need. Guide signs and information boards help to orient. Inside, you will find booking offices selling train tickets, an information and inquiry service (bureau), waiting rooms equipped with an electronic information board and train schedules. Here you can relax after a long journey or wait for your train in a warm room.  

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In warm weather, you can spend the time of waiting on the adjacent territory, where there is a small green public garden with benches and a beautiful fountain. 

Square at the train station of Sevastopol

Bus station 

As it was already mentioned, the station is in the center of Sevastopol, so there is a good transport hub.  Trolleybuses, minibuses and taxis start from here and go around the city and elsewhere.  And in the immediate vicinity of the railway station there is the Sevastopol bus station, from where inter-town transport runs to different regions of Crimea.  And besides, from there you can go beyond Crimea to Anapa, Sochi, Krasnodar, Makhachkala, as well as other cities. 

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The building of the bus station of Sevastopol

In order to get to the bus station from the railway station, you must walk across the Dnieprovskiy bridge over the railway tracks along the highway.  It takes several minutes. 

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Inside the building of the bus station there is a waiting room, booking offices, bus traffic schedule, as well as a buffet.  In addition, you can spend time waiting for the bus in a well-organized public garden next to the bus station or in one of the cafés nearby.  

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Well, if there is still a lot of time before departure, it is quite possible to take advantage of the convenient location and take a walk to the city center to see the remarkable sights that people from all over the world come to see. 

Buses at the bus station of Sevastopol