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According to him, the Moscow Art Theater planned to show The Mythical Husband play as part of the current tour in the resort capital of Crimea, on the stage of the Yalta A. Chekhov Theater. However, due to technical problems, it is not possible to show the play on that stage this year. But the Moscow Art Theater does not give up the plan, they hope that it will still be possible to bring The Mythical Husband to Yalta, to the city where Anton Chekhov lived and worked.

"We really wanted to get to Yalta. We even prepared a performance especially for this city. The play, which was released in the previous season, is The Mythical Husband, directed by Sergey Desnitsky. The performance is very interesting, very deep and informative. It is about the life and relationship of Anton Chekhov and his wife Olga Knipper-Chekhov. It is their correspondence, his letters from Yalta and her letters from Moscow. But, unfortunately, we can’t work it out because of technical reasons:  our technical rider does not allow us to make a performance on this stage. But we really hope that everything is still ahead of us with it. I hope that we will have a full-fledged cooperation next year," Oleg Mikhailov explained. 

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Nevertheless, he added, the Moscow Art Theater brought booklets, posters, director's recordings and other materials for The Mythical Husband play to Crimea. In the near future, all this will be passed over to the Yalta Chekhov Museum for storage. 

"We have brought materials specifically for the Chekhov Museum for this performance. We will go to Yalta, to the Chekhov Museum, take these materials to give them as a gift. There are posters, booklets, the director's impressions of the performance and wishes put on paper," the head of the Moscow Art Theater said.

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