By the way, the "first swallow" in the marathon of the anniversary celebrations was launched September 8, by opening a thematic art installation for photo shoots near the theater on Pushkin Street (with lighting for night shoots). Therefore, let’s get inspired, take pictures and tune in to other surprises: 

Thematic art installation for photo shoots near the theater on Pushkin Street

Actor's Song Festival, September 16 

It will be held on September 16 right in the open air, near the theater building, so everyone can see it. The actors will perform songs and romances from plays and films. The press service described this format as "everything old is new again". 

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"Even before the revolution, before 1917, in our theater (as in any provincial theater) troupes were not stable. Entrepreneur’s pools and actors' groups worked. One season a drama troupe could work, another − an operetta or opera troupe. The townspeople were especially fond of troupes that played musical performances. And later, when the theater was in the status of a permanent Crimean State Drama Theater, there also was a lot of music in its performances. And today we have singing artists. They sing, for example, in performances such as The Season of Love and The Dragon. Therefore, we decided to revive this format and make such a gift to the theatergoers," said Lyudmila Kasyanenko, head of the theater's literary and dramatic section. 

Theatrical battle, September 29

This format of theatrical art, which is primarily designed for young people, will become a completely new experience for the Crimean Drama Theater. It will be an improvised acting game of young actors and students of the theater college. According to Lyudmila Kasyanenko, if the audience likes such improvisation, the troupe plans to further develop this type of performances. A battle will take place on the Main Stage of the theater. 

Theatrical performance

Week of the best performances directed by A. Novikov, October 5-10 

The audience will be presented with both classical works and modern drama. Anatoly Novikov headed the Crimean Drama Theater for 45 years. The "Novikov era" began here in 1972. And over the years of his supervision, the theater has undergone fundamental transformations − so that the Main Stage was named after him.

Presentation of the Temple of Eternal Truths book, October 19

This book, written by Lyudmila Kasyanenko, will tell about the 200-year history of the theater impersonated in its most outstanding actors and directors. 

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Massandra Palace

Week of the best theater performances, October 26-31

These will be the best performances of recent decades, which are the gems of the current repertoire. And the emphasis will be on comedies. 

Premiere of the Kabala Hypocrites play, November

This will be the main jubilee premiere. The play by Mikhail Bulgakov is staged by the artistic director of the theater Vladimir Magar. Almost the entire troupe will be involved. A lot of dances, beautiful costumes and decorations await the audience.

Anniversary gala evening, November 19

This evening, which will take place on the Main Stage, will conclude the marathon of the jubilee celebrations. A rich concert program awaits the audience, the details of which the organizers prefer to keep secret.

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In addition, the 201st season will present the theatergoers with various premieres. Among them is the Little Red Riding Hood and the Gray Wolf family fairy tale, Don Juan performance, based on the play by Moliere, Dark History by British playwright Peter Shaffer, an unusual interpretation of Carmen, a modern adaptation of The Fool comedy by Lope de Vega, as well as a solo performance based on the works of Vladimir Mayakovskiy.