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Crimea is preparing for a phased lifting of restrictions imposed in the region due to the spread of coronavirus infection. A number of enterprises will start operating not from May 12, as was initially announced, but a week later. This is necessary to stabilize the epidemiological situation.  This was announced at a meeting of the operational headquarters for the spread of coronavirus infection by the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov. 

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"We have formed an agenda for ourselves based on the instructions that were received yesterday. Taking in consideration that our practical work began on May 5 and the incubation period will be approximately till May 18, enterprises and businesses, that will be announced by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Yuri Gotsanyuk, will start work on May 18. This will give us a possibility to evaluate the consequences of an expanded number of people coming to their job places. At the same time from May 12 the mask regime in public places will be introduced in the Republic of Crimea", — said the Head of the Crimea Republic.

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He specified that in the near future recommendations will be prepared regarding masks and places where they should be worn. And he also ordered to provide the necessary amount of personal protective means in pharmacies of the peninsula. 

According to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Yury Gotsanyuk, enterprises will be allowed to work on a regular schedule only upon submission of notification and under condition that the safety rules of high emergency preparedness will be observed. 

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In particular, work will be allowed on the production of tobacco and textile products, as well as the production of clothing, leather and leather products, wood processing and the manufacture of wood products, the manufacture of weaving materials, paper and paper products, chemicals and chemical products, medicines and materials used for medical purposes, rubber and plastic products, metallurgical production as well as the production of computers, electronic products, electrical equipment, machinery and automobile equipment, trailers and other vehicles. 

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Besides, construction and renovation works will be allowed, including overhaul; wholesale and retail selling of vehicles and motorcycles and their repair works; wholesale and retail selling of all types of goods, including clothing and footwear; sea port operations activities. The list of permitted activities will also include: operations with real estate, legal services and accounting, activities of head offices for management, engineering and design, work of design institutions, activities in the field of design and photography, renting and leasing, activities for job search and selection of personnel, activities for security and investigation, individual artistic work, training and coaching, and some others. A full list of permitted kinds of activities will be published on the website of the Government of the Crimea Republic.