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The final month of the Crimean autumn-2019 will delight the residents and guests of the peninsula with bright and interesting events.  It won’t be boring, because the events will start from the first days of November. So that you could plan your vacation, the Travel Portal of the Republic of Crimea has prepared a traditional poster.

Wine and Gastronomy #Novemberfest Festival

When: November 1-3

Where: Massandra Winery, Yalta

The main event of the autumn − the festival of wine and gastronomy #Novemberfest − will delight guests on an extended November weekend. Within three days, everyone will be able to get acquainted with the products of the best wineries of the peninsula, taste the Black Sea cuisine and attend various presentations.

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The main day is scheduled for November 2, the venue is the territory of Massandra − the oldest winery of the peninsula, which will celebrate its 125th anniversary this year. The best winemakers of the peninsula will introduce everyone to their own drinks made from grapes grown on the fertile Crimean soils. Both the most well-known wine-making brands of Crimea and young companies will present their products and offer to taste them. Open door days with excursions will be held at the wineries. In addition, participants will be able to ask questions to winemakers and sommeliers about the culture of drinking grape alcohol.

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At the same time, everyone will be able to relax in the music and gastronomic venues. In addition, the guests will be exposed to interactive competitions where they can visit the "wine casino", learn how to paint in wines, participate in a quiz and win a prize.

The general partner of the event is the Noviy Svet Champagne House winery, and the main media partner is Russian Radio.

"Vremya Kryma" All-Russian Blacksmith Festival

When: November 2-4

Where: Simferopol, Trenyova Public Garden

By the Day of National Unity, all Crimean municipalities have prepared educational and cultural-entertaining programs. The center of the celebrations will be Simferopol, where on an extended weekend the "Vremya Kryma" All-Russian Blacksmith Festival will take place with the participation of craftsmen from 85 Russian regions.

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The guests of the event will be offered various master classes, round tables, contests, as well as performances by creative troupes. And the culmination will be the opening of an art object − artistic installation of metal in the form of the country’s map.

National Unity Day 

When: November 1-4

Where: Crimean municipalities

The Big Ethnographic Dictation with the participation of famous public figures of the Republic will take place in all 25 municipalities of Crimea on the eve of the festive date. In addition, the republican Inflorescence of Crimean Cultures Festival is planned to be held as a part of the celebration the National Unity Day, where creative groups of national-cultural autonomies and public organizations of peoples living on the peninsula will perform.

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On the holiday itself − November 4 − on the Lenin square in Simferopol everyone will be able to participate in the festival of ethnic cuisine of the peoples of Russia, as well as get acquainted with the work of the thematic sites of the Republic of Crimea branch of the Voluntary Paramilitary Society of Russia Training Centers: Radio Sport, Tourist Training, Motor Sport, Moto Biking Sport, Aircraft and Car Modeling, Military-patriotic clubs of the Paramilitary Society. Sportsmen of the Republic will show their skills, and the Simferopol Variety Brass Band with the creative groups from the Crimean capital will be in charge for the musical part of the holiday. The guests will also see the festive youth flash mob and, of course, a grandiose firework.

The celebration of National Unity Day will be also held on November 4 in other cities of Crimea. For the guests there will be contests, flash mobs, concerts, exhibitions and much more.

Classics of Rock II Concert

When: November 2

Where: Yalta Chekhov Theater

Lovers of rock music will enjoy an unusual concert, a unique Classics of Rock II joint project of the Music-Ex band and the Sevastopol Symphony Orchestra.  Everyone will be able to hear the best and most loved works of the legendary groups: Queen, The Beatles, Smokie, Gary Moore and other groups that left an unforgettable impression in the history of music. The main gift for the audience is Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Goran Bregovič Concert 

When: November 3

Where: State Academic Musical Theater of Crimea, Simferopol

The famous musician and composer Goran Bregovič will give a concert in Simferopol in early November, on the eve of National Unity Day. It will be his first performance in the Crimean capital.

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Goran Bregovič gained fame as one of the founders of the Bijelo Dugme (white button) rock band. In addition, he is the author of music for various films, including several films by Emir Kusturica. These are: Time of Gypsies, Arizona Dream, Underground and some others. His songs were also performed by Iggy Pop and Cesaria Evora.

The music of Goran Bregovič is an explosive mixture of Balkan folklore, symphonic variations and rock.

Night of Arts Action

When: November 3-4

Where: Crimean cultural institutions

On the night of November 3-4, libraries, theaters, cinemas and museums of the peninsula will host one of the most favored cultural events of the Crimean people − The Night of Arts. So, in the ancient Chersoneses on November 3 several exhibition sites will work, including two permanent and one temporary exposition. Visitors to the archaeological reserve will also be able to see the “Theater in Chersoneses: history, study, modern life” stage project, to visit the miniature garden, watch the film series "Secrets of Chersoneses" and plunge into the world of the enchanting music of the violin and piano duet under the open night sky.

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The Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library named after Ivan Franko joined the Night of Arts action. The event proper starts at 6:00 p.m., but before that, the artist Natalya Kuznetsova will present the opening day of the exhibition "Oh, world, you are a theater" and will conduct the "Visiting Australian Aborigines" workshop on ethnic fine art techniques. In addition, as part of the Night of the Arts, the library will host the immersive quest "Sherlock Detective Agency", a master class in ceramic floristry, a performance based on the tales by Felix Krivin, a chamber performance in the form of reading "Everything Will Recover" and a lecture on the history of the Comedy Frances Theater. At the same time, the Burimeh (bouts-rimés) Puppet Theater will perform on the stage, and creative master classes will be held at the Magic Worlds of Imagination art site.

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In Yalta, in the Night of Arts you can see a unique performance. And not only to see, but also to participate in it. On November 3, the Chekhov's White Dacha Memorial Garden will become the theater stage for the unique production of the "75/1" student theater. Actors and spectators during the production will move from one place to another, due to which the whole garden will turn into a theater stage, and the guests of the museum − into the main characters of the performance.

In Kerch, the event will be held in the East Crimean Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve on the evening of November 4. An open door day with a visit to the museum’s expositions is planned at the Museum’s Art Gallery. The guests will be able to see the exhibits of the collection, and after that relax their soul. A large festive theatrical literary and musical program "Journey to the World of Art" starts here at 2:00 p.m.

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Other museums, libraries, and Crimean culture houses are also preparing their programs for the Night of Arts action.

International Karamanov Competition for Young Pianists

When: November 16-25

Where: Simferopol Tchaikovsky Music College

A significant cultural event awaits residents and guests of the Crimean capital in the second half of November. Connoisseurs of good music will be able to enjoy the performance of talented children and youth − they will play the piano classics.

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The participants will perform works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Josef Haydn, Alemdar Karamanov, Sergey Rachmaninov, Ludwig van Beethoven, Amadeus Mozart and other outstanding musicians. The winner will receive the "Laureate of the Alemdar Karamanov International Competition for Young Pianists" honorary title. And the audience will enjoy the virtuosity of young musicians.

Chrysanthemum ball

When: from October 25 to the beginning of December

Where: Nikitsky Botanical Garden, the village of Nikita, Greater Yalta

Incredibly beautiful exhibition of chrysanthemums is being held at the Nikitsky Botanical Garden for the 66th time. This year it is called the Golden Flower. Residents and guests of Crimea can visit the fabulously beautiful flower ball, where 472 varieties and hybrid forms of chrysanthemum "waltz around". It is the largest in Russia and one of the largest collections in the whole world.

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The unique exposition is the laborious work of the specialists of the botanical garden. Its center is an eight-petal flower, in which large-flower varieties are planted, behind it, small-flower varieties along the perimeter. In total, more than 50 thousand flowers will be presented there, and the visitors of the garden will face a challenge: they are offered to choose the two most beautiful flowers − the queen and the princess of the ball. Any visitor to the botanical garden will be offered to vote.

A unique collection of chrysanthemums will delight guests until the beginning of December, so that everyone will have time to enjoy this fabulous magnificence and make beautiful "floral" close-up photos.