We start a series of publications about the main air gate of the peninsula and today we are talking about the terminal infrastructure.  

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The new airport terminal in Simferopol opened the doors for guests of the peninsula on April 16, 2018. On this day the first flight arrived. The architectural concept called "Crimean Wave" was developed by a large South Korean company. It took only two years to implement this large-scale project. And today it is one of the most up-to-date passenger terminals that meet international standards of service. 

Everything for the convenience of passengers  

The new airport complex is not only beautiful, but also comfortable. The terminal building is equipped with 28 elevators, 16 escalators, 8 telescopic ramps and 8 exits to the bus platform. Most elevators are designed as an element of a barrier-free environment that meets the needs of the travellers with special requirements. The elevators are extremely convenient for passengers with prams, people with disabilities and older visitors. 


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Waiting for the arrival or departure of a flight, passengers can comfortably spend the time in various cafés and restaurants. They are both in the public and in the restricted zones. There are also a number of fast food vendors, cafeterias and restaurants with a wide selection of various dishes. You can also warm up with a delicious coffee, cool off with an ice cream, freshen up with a freshly squeezed juice and help yourself to a delicious dessert.   

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The main attraction of the airport is the open terrace on the fourth level of the building with a picturesque view of Mount Chatyr-Dag in clear weather. You can sit down there for a while, relax and once again enjoy the beauty of the peninsula. 

Cafe at the airport of Simferopol

Airport for children  

Here, on the fourth level, there is a children's playground, and this is extremely convenient for the passengers with children.  With regard to the busy flight schedule, the entertainment area is open around the clock.  The complex for young travellers is equipped with swings, a slide and various climbing panels.  All designs are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. 

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Children"s room