Car tourism in Crimea is gaining momentum as never before. Traveling by car is great because it gives you freedom of movement and the right to change your route at the last moment, depending on your mood. And if some car tourists choose hotels for overnight stays, others prefer to stay in campsites − in the fresh air, under the starry sky, surrounded by nature. Such a holiday is imbued with the spirit of romance and adventurism. Therefore, take your family or friends, pack your bags, jump into your car and come to the hospitable Crimea.

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This is perhaps the most popular resort region of Crimea. Greater Yalta, spreading out on the winding South Coast, offers its guests masterpiece palaces, absorbing museums, picturesque parks, recognizable mountains, breathtaking panoramas. There − from Gurzuf to Foros − definitely is something to see. And if you travel by car, you can stay at one of the Yalta campsites and go to different points in the region every day. Is it really convenient?

Polyana Skazok Camping

Location: Yalta, 169 Kirov St.

It is in a mountainous area close to the territory of the Polyana Skazok eco-hotel. Up to 4 campers can be parked on one horizontal ground. They can be connected to water and electricity supply. At the same time, there is the warm outdoor panoramic pool, hydro and air massage thermae, sun loungers and towels in the aqua zone, children's animation services. During the season, a shuttle service to the Dolphin (Livadia) and Primorsky Park (Yalta center) beaches is organized several times a day (round trip). There also is an evening transfer to the center of the resort capital of Crimea (one way trip).


Belaya Rus Camping

Location: Alupka, 3 South Coast descent  

On the territory of the camping there is a kitchen hut, a barbecue area, showers, washbasins, a toilet, a laundry room. Wi-Fi is available. There is a café with home cuisine, a guarded parking lot, a self-service car wash and a car service station.

Belaya Rus offers three options for accommodation:

  • Two-story buildings. The rooms have the necessary furniture, including wardrobes and shelves for storing belongings, a refrigerator and power supply sockets. Near each room there is an open terrace or balcony, and on the lower floor there is a cozy little yard. Rooms can accommodate from two to five people. From the northern side of the buildings there is a view of the mountains, and from the south side – view of the sea.
  • A house with conveniences. Car travelers are offered spacious rooms with all amenities, soundproofing and gorgeous views. They have a refrigerator and air conditioning. The kitchen there is for five guest rooms, it has household appliances and utensils. One room can accommodate from two to four people.
  • Camper. Those who prefer to stay there in a camper can use electricity, water, toilet and shower with hot and cold water, barbecue facilities. The use of the kitchen is not included in the bill for camper.


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The Krym Camping

Location: Foros village, 1 Cosmonavtov St.

Conditions for comfortable leisure of motorists provided here. On the territory there is a shared bathroom, showers, toilets, electricity, round-the-clock water supply, Wi-Fi, barbecue area, a gazebo.

There are three options for accommodation:

  • Economy room (15 square meters). For accommodation up to three people. There are single and double beds, toilet, shower, wardrobe, hairdryer, iron.
  • Camper (6 square meters). It can also accommodate up to three people. There are single and double beds, a wardrobe.
  • Ground for tents. Capacity − up to five people, children under the age of 6 can be accommodated without an individual bed.


Ripario Hotel Group Camping

Location: Otrádnoyeh town, 14 Torez St.

The campsite is on the territory of the hotel complex of the same name in the suburb of Yalta. It is a three-level ground where all amenities for accommodation are provided. Nearby there is an equipped beach and a café. The price includes swimming pool and fitness room (seasonal), use of the park and animation (seasonal).


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Camping in the Simeïz water park

Location: Simeïz town, 80 Sovietskaya St.

The campsite is located in a picturesque place − on the seashore in the town of Simeïz, at the foot of Mount Koshka. It is quiet and comfortable there due to the fact that there are no hotels and boarding houses nearby. Checking in with pets is allowed.

There are 8 separate bungalows on the territory, the size of each is 6 square meters. They have everything needed for a comfortable stay:  full-size beds, linens, towels, electricity, etc. Each bungalow can accommodate three people.

And you can also pitch a tent right on the seashore (it is within walking distance), light a fire, go swimming and fishing.

The campsite has a shower, toilet, washbasins, garbage containers. Wi-Fi is available. You can rent a double tent, mattress, barbecue, skewers. For an additional fee, you can use a refrigerator, electric kettle, charge electronic devices. There is a shop next to the campsite that sells goods necessary for the vacation.



The Alusta region stretching on the South Coast is famous for Chatyr-Dag, Demerdzhi, the Valley of Ghosts, the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall, the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker temple-beacon, the Crimean Nature Reserve and other amazing places. The picturesque mountains and forests of Greater Alushta are worthy of an artist's brush and poetic rhymes, and quiet resort settlements give tourists feeling of peace and harmony.

Rybáchyeh Camping

Location: Rybáchyeh village

The campsite is in the coastal village of the same name, 30 km from Alushta. It stretches along the seashore from the Rybachye-1 small boat parking base to the Africa cafe. There you can stay in a tent, motorhome, van, trailer. It is only 10 steps to the water (which is very clear there). The beach is mostly pebble.

On the territory of the camping there are barbecue facilities, gazebos, a toilet, a shower. Nearby there are cafés, markets, pharmacies, shops. Entertainment is provided on the beach and in the sea. Therefore, "wild" life there can be combined with a civilized one. It is allowed to bring animals there, but you will have to clean up after them yourself, and keep the dogs on the leash (free wandering is prohibited).

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Merry Little House Camping

Location: Solnechnogórskoyeh village

The camping is located 14 km from Alushta, on a wooded plateau, which offers a breathtaking view of the coast.

The territory is equipped with a kitchen with gas stoves and utensils, showers with fresh water, washbasins and toilets. There are also boxes for charging mobile devices, first aid kits with medicines and containers with fresh water. Motorists can use barbecue facilities, play pin-pong or hide away on the remote glades. There is a round-the-clock security, video surveillance. Administrative and communal areas are illuminated at night.

The beach is 200 meters from the camping and can be accessed by steps.

Website: кемпингвкрыму.рф

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The "capital" of the western Crimea is famous primarily for its sandy beaches, shallow waters and its 2500-year history. That is why Eupatoria is often chosen by families with children. The city has many original museums and amusement parks. And one of the oldest balneological resorts in Russia − Saki − is only 21 kilometers away. This is quite convenient, especially for traveling motorists.

Côte d'Azur Camping

Location: 39 Lazurnaya promenade

The campsite is next to the Eupatoria beach of the same name, not far from Lake Moinakskyeh. The territory is equipped with convenient parking lot and sunshades, there is Wi-Fi and round-the-clock security. The price includes the use of the shower and toilet. Guests have free access to the beach, which is just 50 meters from the campsite. There are cafés and a children's labyrinth within walking distance.

You can rent a tent with amenities, which is designed for three people, a barbecue, a barbecue grid, coal, a table and chairs, an umbrella.

Camping reservations are not required in advance. You can come spontaneously and take a vacant spot.



The birthplace and hometown of artist Ivan Aivazovsky has a long history, which is presented in many sights: the Genoese fortress, the Stamboli dacha, shrines of different faiths… In addition to Aivazovsky, Alexander Grin and the author of the Worker and Collective Farm Woman monument sculptor Vera Mukhina lived in this land. Today there are Museums dedicated to each of them. And the nature is great there. Interested? Then come to Voloshin's Kimmeria. Yes, yes! Poet Maximilian Voloshin also loved these places.

Khimik − camping and recreation center

Location: Koktebel village, 140 Lenina St.

This is one of the oldest and largest campsites in Koktebel − its territory is more than two hectares, which can accommodate a large number of campers. The site has showers, a toilet, a kitchen, barbecue facilities, a barbecue area, electricity, Wi-Fi, and 24-hour security. There are cinemas for adults and children. You can play backgammon, Russian lotto, dominoes, chess and checkers. For younger guests, there is a children's playground with a sandbox. The sea is less than 50 meters away.

Motorists can be accommodated both in a ground for 600 tents and comfortable wooden houses.

  • Tent ground. There are outdoor shower cabins, a refrigerator, a barbecue area with gazebos, a bar with a summer gazebo, you can charge phones and tablets. The area is regularly being cleaned.
  • Wooden huts. They are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, suitable for those who prefer a roof over their heads rather than a tent awning. The cabins can accommodate from two to five people.


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Coronelli Camping

Location: Beregovóyeh village, 8 Coronelli St.

Camping belongs to the recreation center of the same name. Guests are offered places for campers and motorhomes with a full connection to water and electricity (price included in the parking rent). There is also place to set up a camp without restrictions on the number of tents, canopies and sheds.

On the territory there is a shower, toilet, Wi-Fi, water is supplied around the clock. You can use gazebos, barbecues, a fire zone, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, play ping-pong, checkers, chess, dominoes and backgammon for free. Children's ground, volleyball court and a mini-football field are also available. But for some services, if you need them, you will have to pay. For example, for using a pool with sea water, sun loungers, billiards, washing clothes, bee therapy (sleeping on beehives).


NordCamping place

Location: Shchebetóvka village, 20 Makedonskogo, St.

Camping is in the mountainous area near Theodosia, in the Otuzskaya valley. The sea can be reached on foot in 20-30 minutes. Nearby there are interesting sights of the region:  Fox Bay, Echki-Dag, Kara-Dag, Biostation, etc.

The campsite is fully equipped for a comfortable and safe stay for motorist travelers. On the territory there are toilets, showers with hot and cold water, an outdoor kitchen under a canopy, gazebos, barbecues, you can connect to electricity and replenish water supplies. The NordCamping is fenced and guarded around the clock.

The camping area is designed for 20 motorhomes and caravans. In addition, tents can be set up there. It is also proposed to stay in a guest house (170 square meters), which has a large spacious hall, three bedrooms, kitchen, shower, toilet, hot water, boiler, air conditioning, heating. It can accommodate up to 12 people. It is possible to rent either whole house or a separate room in it. And you can also rent a mobile home (designed for four people). The price includes a set of bed linen, use of a shower and toilet on the campsite.



Do you want to get into the bosom of wild nature? Then go to the Black Sea region on Tarkhankut. Endless steppes, sheer cliffs lulled by the boundless sea, picturesque bays, sea grottoes and caves, crystal clear water, no city fuss. It's all there. Nature itself has created sights on Tarkhankut that constantly attract tourists there. Especially in summer.

Olenyóvka Village

Location: Olenyovka, Lenin St.  

The campsite is located on the seashore in the westernmost settlement of Crimea − Olenyóvka. It consists of two sites − Marine and Crimean. There are wooden double cottages with a veranda and air conditioning. The area of each is 11 square meters. Also on the territory there are 250 places for tents and vans.

There are retail outlets, a café, a food court, a pharmacy, a laundry, a medical first aid station, and you can rent beach and sports accessories. Various entertainments are offered to guests (boat and jeep trips, excursions and spinning fishing), a playground with attractions and slides is equipped for children. In the evening you can visit the dance floor. The territory is illuminated and guarded around the clock, video surveillance is provided. Pets are allowed at the campsite, but you will have to clean up after them yourself, and keep the dogs in muzzles.

The campsite has a paid beach with changing cabins. There is a diving school and karting nearby.


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This area is rich in cave towns and monasteries carved into numerous mountains. It also attracts with picturesque nature:  canyons, rivers, forests, heights. And there is also the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, which tourists can visit. The administrative center of the district is Bakhchisaray, once the capital of the Crimean khans, of which the famous Khan's Palace is reminiscent. The district lies between Simferopol and Sevastopol, which is quite convenient for traveling by car.

The Sosnoviy Bor Camping

Location: Peschanoyeh vilage, 12a Naberezhnaya St.

Camping is amid the Crimean pine grove: you can park your car and set up a tent right between the trees. The territory is fenced and guarded around the clock. There are showers, toilets, washbasins, water and Wi-Fi, garbage is removed daily. You can charge your mobile devices for free and use the refrigerator.

If you prefer more comfortable conditions, you can stay in a wooden cottage. The rooms have a bathroom, and some of them also have air conditioning. There is a small café on the campsite, and a shop is a 10-minute walk from Sosnoviy Bor. The beach is only 300 meters away. It is covered with sand and partly with pebbles, which is convenient for children.

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Rybátsky Khútor Estate  

Location: Sokolinoyeh village

It is located in a picturesque place in the Bakhchisaray district, right at the entrance to the village of Sokolinoye. A lake, forest and mountains create beautiful views. Car travelers can accommodate there comfortably and have fun.

Guests are offered one- and two-story cottages and chalets. All of them are wooden. The necessary amenities have been created inside, including a bathroom, a TV-set with DVD, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a hair dryer, Wi-Fi, etc. Some have underfloor heating, a fireplace, a kitchen and even a barbecue area. From the terrace of each house, magnificent panoramas of the Syuyuryu-Kaya and Boyka mountains, as well as the Ai-Petri spurs, open up. Wooden rooms can accommodate from 1 to 8 people.

On the territory of the estate there is a Russian-type bathhouse and an open-air bath tub, spacious gazebos with barbecue facilities and free parking. Fans of outdoor activities are offered horse and foot walks, cycling, quad biking and jeeps.


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The area is on the coast of the Karkinitskiy Gulf in the north-west Crimea. This is a steppe area on the Black Sea coast. Here are the Bakalskaya Spit Landscape Park and partly the Lebyazhyi Islands Reserve. Due to the remoteness from the cities, this place is ideal for those who want to escape and spend time without the hustle and bustle.

At the Joker's Camping

Location: Steregushcheyeh village, 5 Beregovaya St.

The campsite is equipped with everything necessary for parking caravans and a comfortable stay for travelers. You can pitch a tent next to your car. The parking lot has all home facilities, so you can cook food and charge gadgets right beside your vehicle. On the territory of the campsite there are showers with hot and cold water, toilets, a dining room where you can eat three times a day and order takeaway food, gazebos, green areas for walking, Wi-Fi. There is security around the clock. The beach and shops are within walking distance.

If you do not want to spend the night in a car or a tent, you can rent a cozy room with all amenities. For this, a three-story building was built there.

Entrance to the campsite is strictly by passes (special bracelets). Silence should be kept from 10:00 p.m. to 08:00 a.m. Check-in time is from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Website: уджокера.рф