Read more about the September charms of Crimea in our material.

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When September comes, summer tourists go home and those who are accustomed to a more quiet and leisurely vacation come to replace them. The peninsula plunges into a state of autumn tranquillity. It is very comfortable and fabulously beautiful here, it is pleasant to go for excursions and travel to other cities. In a word, vacation in Crimea in September allows you to feel all the delights of the velvet season.

Crimean weather in September

In Crimea the change of seasons is smooth, so the beginning of autumn here is not much different from summer. The weather pleases with the gentle sun and warm sea water. It is not surprising that the peninsula remains popular among tourists even after the end of the rush summer season.

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Warm and comfortable autumn in Crimea is called the "velvet" season. Daytime air temperature in the first half of September rises to the level of +25…30°C (77-86°F), in the second half it becomes a little more fresh, but still outdoors it is as comfortable as possible − up to +21…25°C (70-77°F). At the same time, sea water remains warm up to +24°C (75°F). Although rains and cloudy days are not excluded. So it is better to take warm clothes with you. Just in case. 

Beach in Yalta

They say that nature generally has no bad weather. And the Crimean nature − in particular. Even if the sun is hidden in the clouds or it rains, there are enough interesting places in Crimea where you will get a lot of vivid impressions.

Accommodation prices

In September, there are still quite a lot of vacationers in Crimea, however, accommodation facilities already drift gradually away from the "high" season prices. And there are plenty of offers, opportunities are everywhere: from hostels and mini-hotels to the VIP segment facilities.

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The most reasonably priced options start from 400-500 roubles per night, and in this price category there are numerous offers in different resort regions of the peninsula. There are accommodation facilities for every taste, with or without stars, with children care and with pets.  So there is plenty to choose from.

Entertainment and excursions 

Vacation in Crimea during the velvet season is a real pleasure. This is the most suitable month of autumn when beach pleasures can be alternated with excursions around Crimea and hiking in the mountains. Indeed, in the summer heat not many are able to spend hours in the open, making excursions to large-scale parks or climbing one of the mountain peaks of the peninsula. In September this will be much more comfortable.


In the first autumn month, all entertainment establishments continue their work. All attractions still operate on the embankments, water parks of the peninsula welcome guests. Doors of all historical and architectural sites (and there are hundreds of them in the region) are open. Here you can go to traditional museums, as well as visit the most unusual ones that you will not find similar in the country: for example, the emoticon museum, the museum of house-spirits, the pirate museum and others. And you can also visit the famous Crimean palaces and estates, take a horse trip along the foothills, ride a donkey, fly a paraglider or ride a boat along the picturesque Black Sea coast.

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And if you, above all, are a history buff, then a huge number of interesting routes will open before you: ancient cave towns, dwelling sites of primitive people, ruins of fortresses and much more. They, of course, can be visited in any season of the year, but the September weather will make it as comfortable as possible.

And besides, autumn in Crimea is the time for festivals. Historical, musical, and gastronomic events are held here, and they attract thousands of tourists on the peninsula each year. In Crimea in September you can have good and varied vacations, so keep up with advertising of cultural events in the region.

Health improvement

There are legends about the healing climate of Crimea. Today like centuries ago it has a miraculous effect on the body, restoring both vitality and peace of mind. Here even a simple walk along the sea and in parks with coniferous trees has a healing effect. In the autumn Crimean health resorts and boarding houses with medicinal treatment work as usually and accommodate people. Modern medicinal resort institutions have their own accommodation, medicinal base, good equipment, swimming pools, salt rooms, mud therapy, their own beaches, traditional and new methods of treatment and ailment prevention. All this allows the guests of the peninsula to have good vacations and improve their health.

View of the vineyards and Mount Castell

And the health of local residents and guests of the region is strengthened by the ‘gifts’ of nature − Crimean fruits. This is the particular wealth of September.  The counters of markets and shops burst with peaches, grapes, apples, kizil (Cornelian cherry dogwood), pears… All they are unusually tasty and health-giving.

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Five ideas for what to do in Crimea in September:

1. Take a trip to the cinema sites of Crimea: dance on the "Varley stone", take a picture with the "Nikulin nut-tree" and take a walk along the "valley of lost souls".

2. Organize yourself a day of beauty and relaxation with the "live" and curative Crimean mud.

3. Immerse yourself in the still warm sea near Cape Tarkhankut with scuba gear, "ride" a surfboard in the vicinity of Sevastopol, feel like a bird on a paraglider above the Klementyev mountain.

4. Try yourself in gastronomic tourism and be sure to go for tasting of delicious, environmentally friendly farm organic products.

5. And finally, just enjoy the silence, beauty and tranquillity. For those who are tired of the frantic pace and everyday rush of big cities, travelling to Crimea in September is a must.