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Crimea nature
The travel portal selected the most unusual places in Crimea, resembling the famous world’s sights in miniature. 

Sultans’ Topkapı Palace ― Crimean Khans’ Palace 

Topkapı is the main palace of the Ottoman Empire until the middle of the 19th century, located in the historical part of Istanbul. It is a complex of buildings with a throne room, personal chambers of the rulers, a harem, a mosque, a prison and other essentials. Today Topkapı is one of the most visited museums in the country. However, it is quite possible to see something similar in our country, in Russia. Precisely ― in the Crimean city of Bakhchisaray. The former residence of the Crimean khans ― the famous Khan’ palace is there. Today it is the only example of the Crimean Tatar palace architecture in the world. In terms of beauty and historical significance, it is comparable to the Turkish Topkapı.

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Massandra Palace
Location: Bakhchisaray, 133 Rechnaya Str.

How to get there: travel to Bakhchisaray, on entering the city, drive along the Simferopolskaya Str. to the intersection with a traffic light, turn left to the Old part of the city and drive until you see the palace on your right. 

Khan’ palace in Bakhchisaray

Grand Canyon in the USA ― Grand Canyon in Crimea

The American Grand Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world. The height of its cliffs reaches almost two kilometers, and the length of the gorge itself is over 440 km. This is a popular tourist attraction in the United States, but it is not the only famous canyon. There are similar ones in different countries of the world, including Russia. The Crimean Grand Canyon, although much smaller and hidden in the mountains, is also beautiful and popular. Among hiking tourist routes it is one of the most popular, because the views are stunningly beautiful: mountain rivers and lakes, so-called Bath of Youth and waterfalls, sheer cliffs and abundance of various vegetation. 

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Location: the canyon is near the village of Sokolinoyeh, Bakhchisaray district. 

How to get there: drive along the Bakhchisaray — Yalta highway (which goes over the Ai-Petri plateau). Some 4.5 km after the village of Sokolinoyeh the road signs mark the entrance to the canyon.  

Grand Canyon

Pont du Gard in France ― Chorgunskiy bridge near Sevastopol 

To deliver fresh water to large ancient cities, aqueducts were built. The tallest surviving one spans the Gardon River in southern France. It is the famous Pont du Gard. The aqueduct is a three-tiered arcade and is an interesting and beautiful architectural landmark. And though in the situation of closed borders due to pandemic few people will be able to go there, it is quite possible to see its Crimean analogue — the Chorgun aqueduct bridge in Sevastopol. This 12-meter arcade bridge is installed right on the Chyornaya River bottom on timber foundation grillage and is a preserved part of 17 kilometer aqueduct. The bridge was in use till middle of the last century, supplying water for agricultural farms. Even today it is almost completely preserved. 

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A tourist is photographed on top of the Ai-Petri mountain in Crimea
Location: Chernorechyeh village, Balaklava district of Sevastopol municipality.

How to get there: go along the Bakhchisarai — Sevastopol highway (which runs via the villages of Krasniy Mak, Ternovka, Khmelnitskoyeh) towards the village of Chernorechenskoyeh. Near the sign on the turn to Chernorechenskoye, there is a sharp turn to a country road which leads to the aqueduct. Drive about half a kilometer to the bridge. 

Chorgunskiy bridge

Maldives ― Belaus

Tourists love tropical coral Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean for endless white beaches, lagoons and clear blue water. Many people dream of relaxing on such a beach, but is it worth going so far? You can find such a heavenly place in the western Crimea, namely, on the Belyaus spit. There are 10 km long beaches, a wide sea shore strip, snow-white soft sand and azure water. They may well compete with the shores of some exotic islands.

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View of the Belyaus Spit

Location: the Belyaus spit is located near the village of Znamenskoyeh, it separates Lake Donuzlav from the Black Sea.

How to get there: drive from Eupatoria to the west towards Chernomorskoyeh, via the settlements of Koloski, Vorobyovo and cross the bridge over Lake Donuzlav. Drive further till the left turn to the village of Novoivanovka and drive south to village of Znamenskoyeh, then follow the signs to the place. 

Vacationer on the beach at Cape Belyaus

Lake Hillier ― Lake Sasyk-Sivash

Pink lakes are real tourist magnets all over the world. They are notable for the amazing color of the water. One of these is Lake Hillier in south-western Australia. The lake, where salt was once excavated, is surrounded today with sand and eucalyptus forest, which allow preserving its unspoiled nature. In Crimea, we have even several pink lakes: Chokrak and Koyashskoe on the Kerch Peninsula, and Sasyk-Sivash in the Saki district. The latter is the most popular among tourists. The lake becomes truly amazing in summer, and many guests of the peninsula during their holidays specially come there for aesthetic pleasure and extraordinary photographs. 

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Lake Sasyk-Sivash
Location: the lake is in the Saki district, between the cities of Saki and Eupatoria.

How to get there: drive past Saki in the direction of Eupatoria along Simferopol highway, turn to the right near the Technikum bus stop and drive straight along the country road, the lake will be on your left.

Lake Sasyk-Sivash

Monaco ― Balaclava

The Principality of Monaco is one of the centers of international tourism. It is famous for its casinos, Formula 1 races and beautiful yacht marinas. However, many tourists traveling around the world prefer the Russian Balaklava to the expensive and distant Monaco. This picturesque town is part of Sevastopol. It attracts tourists from all over the world every year. After all, there are not only amazingly beautiful landscapes, but also the embankment with a hundred of skiffs, motor boats, yachts and catamarans, on which you can go out to sea and make a speed ride to wild bays.  

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Road to Crimea
Location: Balaklava, Sevastopol municipality. 

How to get there: go to Balaklava, then go down Krestovskogo street to the sea, move along Kalicha street to the parking lot and then on foot. 


Cappadocia ― White Rock 

Turkish Cappadocia is famous for its amazing landscapes, which aeronauts are so fond of. Often at dawn you can see there dozens or even hundreds of colorful balloons soaring into the sky. They hover over truly alien mountain landscapes, attracting thousands of spectators. Do you know that such a show can be observed not only in Turkey, but also in Crimea? Yes, during the aeronautics festivals in Byelogorsk. A breathtaking sight: the sky near the White Rock is colored with glaring balloons, which makes this place a real magnet for residents and guests of the peninsula. 

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Botanical Garden them. N.V. Bagrova
Location: Byelaya Skala, Byelogorsk.

How to get there: go by the Tavrida Highway to Byelogorsk, turn off at the sign to the city and move to the place ― the rock is clearly visible from the road, and you will not get lost.

View of the Belyaus Spit
Such are the amazing places on our peninsula. In fact, there are much more unusual landmarks and locations, resembling the world’s famous places, and it is not for nothing that Crimea is called a world in miniature. So choose the places you like and make sure to visit them during your trip to Crimea!