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Where you can relax in the Crimean woods ― the Travel Portal has found out for you.

Restrictions in forests

On the eve of the first day of May, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Crimea announced the introduction of a special state of fire-prevention in connection with the possible introduction of 4th and 5th fire hazard classes. Such a measure is necessary to prevent fires in the mountain-forest zone. This state of emergency implies strengthening of fire safety requirements. A payment of fine is envisaged for the violation thereof.  More information about the precautions during a special fire hazard situation and the amount of administrative punishment can be found here.  

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In its turn, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Crimea issued an Order to restrict the stay of Crimeans and guests of the Republic of Crimea in the forests and the entry of vehicles from April 30. In connection with this, the command and control bodies and forces of the territorial subsystem for the prevention and elimination of emergencies have been placed on high alert. 

The Order includes, among other things, a ban on making fires in the forests. However, fans of T-shirts shouldn't be discouraged. There are specially organized places in the Republic where you can not only enjoy the clean air and the beauty of the Crimean nature, but also cook on a barbecue. 

Places for recreation in nature's lap 

The Ministry of Natural Resources issued an Order to approve the list of camping places on the territory of the Crimean forestry farms. We suggest that you look through the list of the approved locations.  


"Polyana MAN" glade, Lavanda village (Angarskiy pass), coordinates: 44.7699757, 34.3766699

"Bookovaya polyana" glade, Lavanda village (Angarskiy pass), coordinates: 44.7434024, 34.3288368

"Gornoyeh Ozero", Lavender village (Angarskiy pass), coordinates: 44.6377302, 34.3512147 

"Zerkalka", Upper Kutuzovka village, coordinates: 44.7313537, 34.3445577

"Ai-Yori", Izobilnoyeh village, coordinates: 44.6732363, 34.3372153 


"Tract Suvorovskoe", Eupatoria, coordinates: 45.220549, 33.394468


"Alan", Schebetovka town, coordinates: 44.9305583, 35.1402853

"Vodyanaya balka", Krasnokamenka village, coordinates: 44.953590, 35.105471


"Perchem", Sudak, coordinates: 44.863034, 34.955503

"Asret", Sudak, coordinates: 44.8623430, 34.9557043

"Tavsan", Sudak, coordinates: 44.862949, 35.012420

Bakhchisaray district: 

"Finaros", Verkhorechyeh village, coordinates: 44.6939691, 34.0582428

"Beshik-Tau", Bakhchisaray, coordinates: 44.7285546, 33.9085409

Byelogorsk district:

Camping place in the village of Yakovlevka, coordinates: 44.9485137, 34.4917344

"Mayovka", Krasnosyolovka village, coordinates: 44.9728260, 34.5167634

Camping place in the village of Krasnosyolovka, coordinates:  44.9039940, 34.6513632

Camping place in the village of Krasnoselovka, coordinates: 44.8958770, 34.6708709

Camping place in the village of Krasnosyolovka, coordinates: 44.8968416, 34.6666510

"Podzyemnoyeh ozero", Mezhgoryeh village, coordinates: 44.951332, 34.413807

"Buragan", Mezhgoryeh village, coordinates: 44.9709582, 34.3963902

Saki district: 

"Novofyodorovka tract", Novofyodorovka town, coordinates: 45.0828382, 33.5706629

"Novofyodorovka tract ", Novofyodorovka town, coordinates: 45.0936091, 33.5663089

Simferopol district:

"Zmeyinka", Levadki village, coordinates: 44.8495136, 34.0547378

"Lysaya gora", Trudolyubovka village, coordinates: 44.767005, 34.068316

"Malinovaya balka", Perevalnoe village, coordinates: 44.830447, 34.360456

Where to call in case of fire  

Outdoor recreation should bring only positive emotions and energize for a long time. Nevertheless, residents and guests of Crimea are urged to be vigilant when visiting the forests. 

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If a fire occurs, you should immediately contact the regional dispatching service of the Ministry of Natural Resources by phone at: +7 (3652) 44-28-12, +7 (978) 000-01-92. It is also necessary to report the incident to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Republic of Crimea at 112. 

We wish you a pleasant eco-friendly holiday! And may the Crimean nature please you all year round.