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The weather in Crimea and its geographical features provide for comfortable leisure and recreation all year round. Winter here is more pleasant compared with the weather on the mainland, delighting guests with "plus" temperature marks and often warm sun. However, in Crimea you can not only escape from severe frosts, but also get "all thirty-three pleasures". After all, here you have a unique opportunity to alternate a cultural and educational program with extreme winter entertainments. It's simple: if you want an unhurried walk under the tender Crimean sun, take a promenade along the embankments of Yalta or Alushta. If you want snow and to go skiing − head to the mountains. In a word, an entertainment for everyone is always available. Well, we will give some recommendations as to what, in our opinion, must be done in Crimea in winter.  

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1. To see the snow-covered Demerdzhi. The mountain peaks covered with snow caps look amazing, and the famous Ghost Valley looks like a fabulous stone forest. You can go up there with an experienced guide, on your own or, for example, on horseback. And at the top, warm yourself with hot Crimean herbal tea, which you can take with you.  

2. To go skiing and snowboarding on Ai-Petri. In winter, the picturesque mountain plateau turns into a real ski resort, where you can go skiing until spring, and sometimes even longer. And even if you are not a fan of winter sports, it is a must to visit the mountain. Local mountain landscapes in combination with fresh frosty air make a visit to this place one of the most desired in Crimea in winter. 

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3. To walk around Yalta. Even if you are staying not on the South Coast during your winter holidays, be sure to visit Yalta. It is the resort capital of the peninsula that becomes the center of attraction for tourists in winter. The city is decorated, well-groomed and offers guests a lot of entertainment programs.  

4. To breathe in the sea air. In winter the sea smell is very special in Crimea! In the resort towns and villages of the peninsula during leisurely walks along the shore, you can breathe in clean, slightly salty air. The result will be a great mood and wonderful photos to remember it all by.  

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5. To visit the year-round Southern residence of the Snow Maiden. After the New Year holidays in Sevastopol, the granddaughter of Grandfather Frost decided not to leave the hospitable peninsula and stayed here.  So, dear ladies, take the unique chance to meet a fabulous beauty, try on her outfits and prepare sweets and other goodies together.  

6. To warm up with the famous Crimean wine. The wineries of the peninsula offer wine excursions with tastings of the best drinks. Such tours are very popular with tourists, because the wines of the peninsula are famous for their bouquet, aroma and taste throughout the world.  

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7. To find a blooming spring in the middle of winter. Whenever you came to Crimea, you can always find flowering trees, for example, in the famous Nikitsky Botanical Garden (between Yalta and Alushta). There plants delight the eye with flowers all year round. For example, now, in January, visitors are greeted by the apricot mume (Armeniaca/Prunus mume) − a decorative species, characterized by prolonged winter flowering with pink fragrant flowers. 

8. To admire the storm. In winter the sea off the shore of the peninsula is not always calm, and sometimes the storm in full swing is a bewitching sight. The beauty and power of nature cannot be described in words, you need to see for yourself.  

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9. To improve health. Even simple walks in Crimea have healing power, and if you combine them with the spa procedures that the Crimean health resorts offer in abundance, you will return home after a vacation recuperated, happy and in great health condition. 

10. To find the best Crimean souvenirs. And buy them without rush, lines and for little money. In winter you can go shopping for souvenirs without any fuss, find something really necessary and pleasant there and bring home. For example, Crimean herbs, wines, jams, cosmetics or soap. Everything is genuine and natural. It will delight you and your family and remind you of the best winter holidays in Crimea.