All this is inherent in the "wild life" vacation in Crimea. Even in Soviet times in summer the coast of the Peninsula attracted thousands of tourists with tents. Many of them, having chosen one place, came back to it again and again.

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Today "wild life" vacation in Crimea does not lose its relevance. After all, this is both romance and a feeling of boundless freedom at the same time. And if you are ready for a few days to give up the comfort and benefits of civilization for the sake of unforgettable impressions and a huge charge of energy, then such leisure is for you. And the Peninsula abounds with suitable for this places. We offer a selection of some of them.

Cape Tarkhankut 

Among the most popular places to stay to out in Crimea – Cape Tarkhankut. It is a rocky area with pristine beaches and crystal clear water, bays, grottoes and caves. Yes, there is no abundance of greenery, but there is an opportunity to go diving, explore the underwater "alley of leaders", as well as catch crabs and fish.

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Among the interesting attractions of the Cape – the lighthouse, which is the westernmost part of the Crimea, white coastal cliffs Small and Large Atlesh, natural pool Bowl of Love, connected to the sea under water. The last object has its own giving: it is believed that lovers, holding hands, should jump into this natural "bath" and if they do not let go of each other then a happy family life is waiting ahead of them.

Near Cape Tarkhankut there are several lakes with healing mud. So the "wild" recreation here can be combined with healing.

Tarkhankut Cape

Panagia Gorge

Amazing area, unusual for most of Crimea – is Panagia Gorge. It stretches between Alushta and Sudak, but because of the difficult trails and climbs it is difficult to get here.

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Beach in Evpatoria
The Gorge is located near the village of Zelenogorie. It justifies its name with a vengeance: framed by mountain peaks, immersed in greenery and fragrant flowers, the village keeps the delightful silence and tranquility of village life. And its "calling" cards are a turquoise lake and a cascade of waterfalls that paved the way along the ancient stones. There are also small natural "baths" in which tourists like to swim.

All this makes Panagia an ideal place to relax with a tent. Although there are accommodation facilities in Zelenogorie that provide comfort and convenience to tourists, some vacationers prefer to stay here still "savages".

Panagia Tract

Laspi Bay

Original nature, mountain scenery, clear sea and smell of juniper. All this attracts fans of "wild life" vacation in Laspi Bay. It took refuge between capes Sarych and Aya in the vicinity of Sevastopol. Tourists have chosen this area long time ago. Even a difficult descent to the sea doesn’t stop them because the leisure time spent here is worth it.

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Laspi Bay is considered the warmest place in Sevastopol region, mountain belt protects from the cold winds. The beach here consists mainly of small pebbles, sometimes it is broken off by stone chaos, approaching the very edge of the sea.

Another advantage of this area is its rich vegetation. Besides juniper, there are the butcher's broom, pyracantha bright red, Jasmine, Stankevich pine, red strawberry tree and other interesting plants.

The Bay is also attractive for diving enthusiasts. They have the opportunity to "walk" through the underwater "stone forest" — a network of boulders with mazes and grottoes.

Laspi Bay

Cape Fiolent

Huge cliffs, picturesque landscapes and the charm of a secluded holiday gives Fiolent Cape. It is located in Sevastopol region. From here begins the Main ridge of Crimean mountains, which ends near Feodosia.

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The beaches here are pebbly and rocky. You need to go down to the sea by stairs. From the Cape endless views of the sea open. There is a spring where you can get delicious clean water.

This area has long been chosen not only by "savages", but also thrill-seekers. The latter love to kayak, dive and arrange jumping from rocks on a rope belay.

Fiolent Cape


Another popular place among the "tent" tourists is the south coastal village of Katsiveli located near Simeiz. The beaches are spacious and the sea water is clean. Along the coast you can find both landscaped areas and those to which civilization has not reached. The latter attracts "savages".

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Picturesque scenery brighten secluded leisure in Katsiveli. If you wish, you can not only sunbathe under the gentle southern sun and swim in the warm sea, but also walk along the slopes of Cat Mount and take a picture against the background of the radio telescope, which in Soviet times was established here by Crimean astrophysical Observatory.

Village of Katsiveli

If you decide to enjoy the "wild life" vacation it is worth considering that it is necessary to prepare carefully. Prepare in advance tents, sleeping bags, personal hygiene items, several sets of clothes and shoes, hats that will protect from the sun. By the way, warm clothes also is not relevant, as the summer nights in Crimea can be cool. Make a supply of drinking water and provisions, with the expectation of the number of people and the period of time that you intend to spend away from civilization. Bring a first aid kit with the necessary medicines, as well as bandages, cotton, hydrogen peroxide, insect repellents and burns. Don't forget a flashlight, batteries and matches. Also sunscreen will not be superfluous.

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Having provided all this, you will protect yourself from unforeseen problems and will be able to fully enjoy your vacation away from civilization.