Tourist guide  around the region is published on the website of the newspaper. The journalist emphasized that it is very beautiful and quiet here, he was personally convinced of it, and, repeatedly.

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"I have been here five times already and find it a picturesque, hospitable area, that should be visited by as many Westerners as possible. In an era when "instagram addicts" showed the majority of the planet from all sides, Crimea stands out for its unspoiled authenticity, which enjoyed only a few, not counting the Russians and travelers from the former USSR," wrote Jeff Opdyke.

The author of the material noted that five years ago the population of Crimea made their choice regarding the return of the region to Russia, the Crimeans themselves emphasize the significant improvements in living conditions and economic indicators of the Republic over the years. According to Opdyke, the Peninsula is rich in the attractions of the region. It is definitely worth visiting Yalta, which he compares with the California city of Santa Barbara, Vorontsov and Livadia palaces, "Swallow's nest", Balaklava and, of course, to see the Crimean mountains with your own eyes. The American journalist also recommends visiting Crimean wineries and tasting local wine.

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"Imagine that mountain California and coastal Ireland have a Russian-speaking child, decorated with ancient ruins, vineyards, majestic mountains, wide forests, canyons and waterfalls, rocks towering above sea level… And all this in a place compact enough to explore in less than a week," Opdyke concluded.